Newbie to forum - winter bulk cycle.

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    I am semi new to the forum here. I’ve done a lot of research on this forum and have learned very much from so many of the other members here. I figured I’d finally make an account and put some of my info out there. Of course, not without first uploading tits ;).

    Started my journey in early 2017. I was 310 pounds, extremely fat, and even more so unhappy. I had set out on a mission to drop my weight and achieve a physique that I’ve always dreamed of. After going from 310 to 196 I began to lift weight and began training. At some point around the 6 month mark, despite the plethora of advice out there, I made the decision to get on anabolics long term.


    I am 22, 6 foot tall on the dot, 247 pounds, with a body fat of 14%.

    My current cycle for winter bulk;

    (All supplements are pharmaceutical, from a source found on this board, in which I won’t mention because I’m not a rep. Check out the steroid underground part of this page if your interested in gaining a source.)

    12 weeks

    Test - 600mg ew

    Nandrolone cyp - 500 mg ew

    tren ace - 50 mg ed

    Aromisin - 12.5 Ed (I aromatize quickly)

    I will be adding 4iu of growth daily as soon as td.

    Thank you to all who have been apart of educating me throughout my process!
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    Congrats on dropping that weight. Do you have any caber or prami for possible prolactin sides if they arise being on 2 19 nors. Also will you be taking any on cycle support for blood pressure lipids etc. also not sure what you mean by long term but at 22 I wouldn’t long term anything and hop on the trt train that early it’s not necessary. Have you done pre cycle bloods and know your natural levels? Is your pct planned as well?
  3. Elray45

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    Thank you! I have not gotten anything like caber, however I’m on blood pressure medication for this cycle. Natural test levels were 491, getting blood work done shortly. pct I have hcg, clomid, and nolva.
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    Also by long term, I mean cycling on and off indefinitely. I do not plan on running any type of trt yet.
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    sounds good I would just make sure I have some caber on hand
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    anddd.... i would prob black out your face in your pic
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    And thanks for the pics of the tits. And welcome!
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    Just to update this thread, I ended up having to end this cycle a little early due to a hospital trip. Currently sitting at 259 lbs, on low dose (4iu) hgh and test, going into my next cycle shortly.