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    Whats good meso! Been on this site lurking for some time. Tons of information out here, definitely a solid community and hopefully I'll be able to contribute.

    My main reason for joining was to find some type of solution to heal my knee and get me back to being an athlete. I'm 29 and have had 3 knee surgeries on the same knee in the past two years. Nothing genetic, just bad luck playing ball and coming back too early. I've definitely learned my lesson and will be taking every precaution this time.

    -11/17 acl reconstruction and meniscectomy
    -11/18 meniscectomy
    -4/19 meniscectomy

    So yeah, my knee is fucked. Been doing tons of research on gh, tb500, bpc, and have some shipments coming in from a few different places that I'm excited to review. Thanks all!
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    Welcome to Meso. Hope you find what you’re looking for since Meso has a lot of knowledgeable people here!
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  3. Welcome to the board man. Hopefully someone will help you get that knee fixed!
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    There's a wealth of knowledge here if your ready to sift through it. Cheers man!
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