next cycle, need recommendation

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    Exactly what MAC said
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    Consider using HIIT vs what I assume is essentially MISS that you’re doing. More benefits. Less time.
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    I'm doing intervals, usually 1 minute hard, 1 minute medium - medium being just enough reduction in effort to allow me to recover enough for the upcoming next hard hard minute. My average HR will be around 160, climbing towards 168 during hard, and falling towards 150 during medium intervals. Using a Wahoo HR chest strap.
    I try to put in enough effort that I'm so exhausted that I need to sit down on a bench and recover for a minute or so straight afterwards.

    If I understand it right, lower HR will ensure a higher proportion of energy is spent from fat, but at a high HR the total calorie spend is much higher therefore more fat is spent?

    And if I understand right, the higher HR also builds some cardiovascular strength, which is both good for overall health, and allows me to recover a bit quicker between sets?
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    keeping your BPM at 115-120 for 15 minutes can barely be called cardio IMO. Try 1.5k steps on stairmaster, and use HIT cardio method. You will be able to reduce your cardio to 3-4s per week.
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    This is what I was worried about as well, especially when using deca and EQ.
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    When I said cardio I meant it was on the stair master obviously not at a super fast pace though. I should have been more specific. I could incorporate HIT cardio like you mentioned, would make it a little more fun to tell you the truth.
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    What do you mean “compliment the masteron” like make it work better??? tren and mast are an incredible combination if your wanting to sharpen up and get as diced as you’ve ever been. Winstrol is a great compliment to mast if your looking to go bald lol... all depends what you mean by compliment sir