Next Day Gear Busted

Discussion in 'Steroid News Forum' started by eryximachus, May 8, 2018.

  1. eryximachus

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  2. Rockclimber

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    It always seems to be exactly 5 years before the feds knock the door down.
  3. 17Alpha

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    Wierd that a NFL Player cant get other sources
  4. ThE SiCkNeSs

    ThE SiCkNeSs Member

    Fucking piece of shit sources saving all the customers info. I wonder how many years back they save their customer data to have an extensive list of people like that.
  5. rpbb

    rpbb Member Supporter

    hopefully, people now realize why we're so tough on sources saving info
  6. Millard Baker

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    Or just a few months after Hulkbody shared extensive information about Next Day Gear with feds...

  7. ickyrica

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    They all rat in the end. It takes a special kind of person to keep their mouth shut. DTA if you're a legit lab, that's all I have to say.
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  8. MindlessWork

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    When a lab keeps all its customers information and then gets busted it puts everyone at risk.
  9. eryximachus

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    Firstly, I'm pissed. I've ordered many times from NDG over the years. But, the solution is Tor/PGP encryption. PED dealers need to join the rest of the underground drug world.
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  10. MindlessWork

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    Agreed. Also users need to be smart and only volunteer just enough information to get the order processed.

    And soon SARMs dealers may be going that route as well here in the good ol' USA.
  11. eryximachus

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    Since this is really the only legit PED site, we should star harassing dealers in the underground forum that are not on TOR or don't use PGP encryption.

    Really, if you're too stupid to figure out how to use TOR, bitcoin, and PGP, there are a thousand other forums for idiot bodybuilders.

    What is also clear, and has been clear for a while, is eroids is something of a scam. Not the worst scam, but I will NEVER use the site again, that's for sure.
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  12. MindlessWork

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    Good idea there. HTTPS sites (properly configured) are the way to go as we can't risk private info out in the open on an insecure connection.

    Eroids has gone to the crapper lately for sure. What a shame as it used to be a reasonably decent place to get advice on gear.
  13. pr1me

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    I thought for a second this was the brewkit after he changed his lab name, forgot he copied another lab's name.

    It's crazy they kept all that customer data. Scary
  14. Millard Baker

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    It's the norm. Maybe not always shipping records. But at least names and emails.

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  15. $2.87 million divided by 5 (years) comes out to more than half a million per year. ($560,000). Pretty lucrative business he was running there.
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  16. bubblebuddy

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    fucked up. you know they save that shit as a bargaining chip should they get busted. fuckin dick bags.
  17. Sonicrep1

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  18. Den84

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    For this reason I don't want to use e mail, but only telegram secret chat , or wickr, so all the sensible data can be deleted on both smartphone, mine and of the source. no trace remains of any transaction.
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  19. Den84

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    Yes but, you need to find a way to recycle the cash and make it "clean". it's not easy.
  20. T-Bagger

    T-Bagger Member

    They can still write your info down and keep it in a ledger. Nothing is 100% safe.
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