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    Hello, I think I'm allowed to post here. Hope it's not breaking any rules

    I've heard many good things about this board and a few customers recommended that I post here. We're fairly well known on another prominent board and most of our customers are pleased with our service. We only offer HGH, though IGF is a possibility in the near future. We're not the cheapest, but we're one of the most reliable. We do not take orders if out of stock. If we're able to accept to your order, that means your order will ship right away

    We're not very active on the boards, though we do post throughout the week. Our posts are fairly brief ' Good morning, we're in stock:)' .

    We hope our time here is productive and drama free:) . Enjoy the weekend everyone.



  2. bolder

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    I’ve heard of you guys but don’t know anything about you. This intro didn’t help with that either...

    You’re a reshipper?

    You’re not actively on boards?

    What other boards?

    Do you test the hgh you’re offering?

    What would cause you not to accept my order?

    You ship domestic or international?

    I mean yeah I could go research you but you came here to source so I shouldn’t have to ask certain things just to know about your sourcing operations!
    You could have at least tried a little harder, well known or not.
  3. Omegistosalex

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    So why would anyone use you instead of all the sellers that respond to questions and are active everyday? You want money thrown at you? fuck outta here

    The fact you are well known on another board does not mean jackshit, if you want to open to new marketplaces you got to put actual effort, especially when there are sellers that are trusted and as you said cheaper... Do you guys think we are idiots or some shit
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  4. SmallWoody

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    Why choose you when we have multiple venders here that are A+. What can you bring to the table. Also you forgot to add pictures to your introduction post with meso and the date to prove you have stock.
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    Ahhhh shit! Let’s see some TITS you savage!
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  6. Eman

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    They're a reshipper for a handful of well known brands of GH. They used to have a website but it looks like it isn't up anymore. They have a pretty solid reputation as far as I know. I almost used them about a year ago but ended up going a different route.
  7. bolder

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    Thanks bro!
    You gave more information about them than their intro lol.
    I’ve heard of em so I know they’ve been around, but I rarely ever venture out of Meso. I know they stated their rarely on the boards but I figured a source should know their customer base when trying to source on a new board, especially this one lol.
    They came here with a brief intro and didn’t even stick around to answer questions members that haven’t heard of them might have.
    With other hgh suppliers here they would have competition, but seems to me they aren’t trying to compete for my business. So why would I give them my business and not a hgh source that’s already here?
    That’s my thought process on it anyway, especially with how high hgh cost can be. They’ll have to earn my business lol.
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  8. Eman

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    I don't disagree with you... But I don't think you're going to get a typical intro from them. They already have a customer base... As a matter of fact, I think keeping stock is probably more of a concern for them than attempts to earn anyone's business.
  9. bolder

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    That makes sense to me.
    What doesn’t make sense is why come here wanting more customers if their customer base they already have, keeps running them out of stock? Lol
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  10. Omegistosalex

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    Some of these "vendors" are used to other boards sucking them off and playing nice until it is too late and come here thinking it is the same
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  11. NextDayHgh

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    You seem to be reading a lot into my post. I'm offering a service... I didn't ask anyone to "suck" me off or demand that all bow before me. It was a very basic post(intended to be a basic introduction, not a dissertation) It's true that some sponsors feel as you say(I don't) but it also applies to customers, as your post shows. I didn't understand "playing nice until it is too late and come here thinking it is the same[" . As all is well for me on other boards, but if it's meant to imply that I'm ungrateful.... My posts there indicate the opposite. My intention in mentioning the other board was not to indicate elite status, but to show I'm not new.. It was to show I've been reliable for a decent time period, and that I'm not a new sponsor who's not likely to scam. That's all

    I have no bad feelings toward you,btw.... Would love to have you as a future customer:) Even if you tell me to 'fuck off' in a reply:)

  12. Omegistosalex

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    First of all don't victimise yourself with that: oh we still want you as a customer even if you tell us to fuck off. This forum is already filled with hq sellers that reply everyday. If you dont want to have this forum as your main and just grab some biz from hete then why should we choose you? You are neither cheaper or better that other sources here. The fact about sucking off is that other boards are way too nice to sellers when you guys sell stuff that we put on our bodies. Instead of acting like a bitch show us some merchendise, reply to questions and actually TRY to win our business.
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  13. NextDayHgh

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    I don't mean to to be combative, but why not only have 1 or 2 sponsors? If you have 1 reliable sponsor for aas,say,and 1 guy for hgh, that's all you need? I can try to explain, though.

    We offer a very well known product, and we are 100% reliable... We also offer a few payment methods that are rare/not used....

    Maybe one day, you'll try to order from a sponsor you love, but for some reason, you're unable. We're here. I never bash other sponsors and am not here to cast myself in opposition to others. We can all work together and be successful

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    Give me a minute or two to reply to others:) I promise to reply to this

  15. Omegistosalex

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    This is not a board where you can just post once daily saying : hur dur stock is up, discounts hur dur buy.
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    We used to have stock issues:) . Hasn't been true for a while now. We expanded our product line, and that has made a big difference. We purposely didn't come in Meso until now due to previous stock issues. Doesn't make any sense to go on a new board and have no stock.

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  17. rpbb

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    I used him for my last order of mauves, smooth transaction, I'd use him again
  18. NextDayHgh

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    We'll be active here:) I don't know if our level will be satisfactory for everyone, but it should be sufficient for most...We realize we're not known here, so we expect to have to be more active on this board

  19. NextDayHgh

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    I didn't realize that... Sorry.

    Regarding pictures, I'm not sure we've ever posted pictures..on any board. Our entire reputation is due to us only accepting orders when in stock.... Otherwise there's no point is ordering from us, since as another poster said, there are many good sponsors here. We didn't accept orders last year for 2 months while we restocked... That's not going to happen again, as we've been in stock, but we have members on here who have ordered from us and can testify to us not accepting orders, even when the customer says they'll wait.

    If you insist... we'll post a photo or 2 later today... Should be easy?

  20. NextDayHgh

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    Ok, I can give some of that. The board we're on doesn't allow a lot of what you're saying, so I assumed I couldn't go into detail here.

    We sell products from the the provider.... We're on promuscle... When we say not accept your order, this is equivalent to 'not in stock'... That's it... we don't have a minimum and we don't have a list of requirements. Domestic




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