No BA if injecting right after brewing?

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    Can you skip BA altogether if injecting right after brewing?
    (injecting after allowing it too cool off)
    Can you feel any actual PIP difference from 1-2% to no BA?

    After all BA doesn't kill bacteria
    it just keeps the few bacteria that makes it past the filter from multiplying

    The only downside I see is that you'd need to brew/filter small amounts (like 5 ml) once or twice a week.
    You'll probably need 4-8 sterile filters per month, and waste about 2 ml every time.
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    But why?
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    Yes, but everything after that initial draw would be at risk... I mean, you "Can" do whatever you want, right? But, I wouldn't advise it. What would be the point of brewing a single shot each time...?

    Mind you, it is ill advised to inject immediately after brewing in general. Best to make sure the hormones hold in solution, anyway.
  4. master.on

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    To further reduce PIP
    and to avoid potential health damage from BA. Some studies say so.

    No problem
    You can leave it standing for hours with some occasional stirring to make sure everything is properly dissolved before filtering.

    Then proceed to pin as normal (after it has cooled off).

    Can you even skip the vial altogether and filter directly into another (sterile) syringe?
    (Then attach the sterile needle to the second syringe and pin)
    Do you need a special fitting for that?
    Maybe something like this, just with the syringe filter between them
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    You're concerned about the potential health damage of BA, while injecting exogenous hormones, carrier oils, BB etc.? These open ended hypothetical questions serve no function whatsoever... Who cares if you can - hypothetically - brew one shot at a time? Who would ever actually do that?

    You would need to mix, dissolve and filter each shot, which would cost you more than it's worth in both money and time.
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    like alcohol never makes you throw up
    it's always fizzy water, or whatever it's mixed with lol

    Brewing small amounts is pretty quick
    you can buy a small hot plate+stirrer
    weigh powders, measure oil with a graduated cylinder
    leave stirring
    and filtering is quicker with 5 or 10 ml syringes compared to 50 ml ones.

    While BA doesn't seem to be especially toxic, you can always avoid it

    Some differences between control and Benzyl Alcohol-treated populations were noted in one reproductive toxicity study using mice, but these were limited to lower maternal body weights and decreased mean litter weights. Another study also noted that fetal weight was decreased compared to controls, but a third study showed no differences between control and Benzyl Alcohol-treated groups.
    Final report on the safety assessment of Benzyl Alcohol, Benzoic Acid, and Sodium Benzoate. - PubMed - NCBI

    Seems toxic for newborns. Who knows if BA is also toxic for adults, so why not avoid it?
    Benzyl alcohol perservative in solutions used to flush intravascular catheters has been linked with increased mortality and incidence of intraventricular hemorrhage in small preterm infants. This study evaluated the outcome of surviving very low birth weight infants exposed to benzyl alcohol while in our neonatal intensive care unit. Surviving infants, less than 1,250 g birth weight, admitted during the 12 months prior to discontinuation of benzyl alcohol (period I), were compared with those infants admitted during the 12 months after discontinuation of benzyl alcohol (period II). Survivors were enrolled in a follow-up program. Results of the study demonstrated that infants from period II had fewer neurologic handicaps. The incidence of cerebral palsy decreased from 50% to 2.4% (P < .001), and the presence of cerebral palsy and developmental delay combined decreased from 53.9% to 11.9% (P < .001). Several factors other than benzyl alcohol exposure were examined for their importance on outcome but were found not to be related to it. It is concluded that the dramatic improvement in outcome could be the result of discontinuation of benzyl alcohol.
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    If you’re that concerned with BA, I would recommend using 0.8%. I wouldn’t go below that though.
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    I believe the main concern with BA is they are taking into account that some people may not be very sterile.
    Example: Taking off needle cap, drawing, and placing the needle and syringe on the counter while they swab the area(not the most sterile way).
    Example: Not swabbing off the vial top by accident, or not doing it well.

    Very minute chances of introducing bacteria ect.... but it is a possibility.
    I only use 1%BA for all my brews.
    I experiment and find the lowest possible BB% as well.
    Mainly for the reasons you have mentioned, and health concerns that come with these chemicals.
    I am currently experimenting with Deca.

    Some studies may have interest in proprietary chemicals they are trying to push, so they may conduct smear campaigns against commonly used chemicals. Not saying that is the case with BA, but just a thought.
    Social engineering is pretty easy these days.

    Anyway, seeing as how it prevents further growth and does not sterilize(you already know this of course). No, there is no problem with injection after going through filter, as long as you aren't keeping some in a vial and drawing from that multiple times.
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    Which filters are you using?
    I don't get much waste from syringe filters.
    You unscrew syringe filter, pull plunger back, rescrew on syringe filter, and the air will push out most of the oil in the syringe filter.
    If using filter membranes, yeah, not too much waste there as you can buy in large quantity. However oil waste would be a concern, unless you devise a method to squeeze/pull more oil from the filter. Maybe subtract raw oil from mixture math, and run that through the filter last. Then rewarm/low heat the finished product.
    I think if using short esters, and 5 days worth of gear, you would be fine.

    Especially fine for some quick testing regarding PIP and BA content.
    I am sure there is a bigger reason why you are questioning this. Your a pretty smart person, so you are probably working with Illuminati. ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED
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    I believe master.on is an "outside the box" thinker, and has bigger plans. Maybe something he is leaving out as far as "why".
    Even if not the case, he/she is trying to be innovative.

    I too, am curious, as it doesn't seem like the most cost effective or safe option.