No Hunger?????

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Hossco, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. Hossco

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    Does anybody have any experience with this. I've made great gains in the last 4 months, but once I started this cycle 300mg Test E x2 per week, 300 EQ x2 per week, 400 tren Ex2 per week, I have no appetite and weight has stalled at 235lbs. I've been drinking a gallon of milk a day and protein shakes just to try and get my calories in. The only solid meal I can seem to eat is breakfast, whole food later in the day makes me want to puke. Any input would be great, Thanks
  2. tballz

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    Have you tried b12?

    While on cycle i do 1000mcg/day and that helps increase appetite.
  3. Dr JIM

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    Are you not eating because your NOT HUNGARY or as a consequence of GI upset?
    Do you have ANY medical ailments for which your being treated for such as; ulcers, "gastritis", pancreatitis .....?
    Any RX drugs?
    Any prior surgeries?
    Do u drink alcohol?
    Do you take NSAIDS?
    Lastly what is your age?
  4. Hossco

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    Doc; I'm 32, no other ailments for which I'm being treated. I do drink often especially throughout the holiday season. No major surgeries, I hate NSAIDs. I just have NO hunger, I could go all day without a desire to eat. I am getting the majority of my calories through liquids like milk and protein shakes. This started about a month ago. I do notice I get heartburn quite easily.
  5. heavyiron

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    Milk mildly upsets my stomach.

    I would get blood work done to see if you have any out of range markers brother.

    I throw in some cardio when my hunger drops.
  6. Dr JIM

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    First I would suggest you calculate how many Kcal your consuming in "shakes" or otherwise each day!

    Some shakes and whole milk in particular can suppress appetite because of their fat content.

    Has "milk" typically been a part of your diet or is it a new addition?

    I believe our dose of tren is quite high especially as combined with your other AAS. Moreover gastritis is a reasonably common side effect from high dose AAS especially when Tren is involved because of it's "potency", IME.

    If you have heart burn it's quite possible you may be developing "gastritis or PUD" in spite of minimal "recognized" risk factors.
    The etiology in the MAJORITY of people with minimal R.F. (NSAID's, ETOH, Tobacco use, Family Hx) is due to the bacterium H-Pylori. Moreover, the prevalence in Hispanics approaches 60%!

    IMO the following should be STRONGLY considered, based on your REPORTED Clinical Features:

    1) DISCONTINUE the TREN (or cut the dose in half) if you've been cycling less than 10 WEEKS
    2) If you have been cycling more than 10-12 weeks STOP THE CYCLE
    3) Start a "PPI" such as omeprezole
    4) Should significant improvement occur with PPI therapy, have serology performed for H-pylori
    5) If you test positive for H-pylori "triple therapy" is warranted.

    6) If you are Hispanic it's also possible your symptoms MAY be the consequence of biliary tract disease (Gallstones, "Biliary Dyskinesia") and a abdominal ultrasound may prove helpful..

    7) Finally if your are acquiring more than 2000Kcal from shakes alone or MILK is a recent addition to your diet, especially in large quantities, you could have an occult lactase deficiency, which would warrant at least a reduction in milk consumption.

  7. Pericles

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    I agree w/ Jim, drop the tren immediately. You are on enough gear that it should not be a problem. EQ usually stimulates appetite in some, If you still have no appetite, then look into the tests Jim recommends.

    I get almost half of my protein from powder/shakes (120 grams a day). However, I cannot do powder/shakes one after another, I will have one protein shake, the next meal will be chicken/fish....I am only eating red meat once a week. I alternate powder/shakes w/solid protein.

    I usually have to force myself to eat the chicken, as it is usually my main solid protein source. What you may want to do is eat more red meat. This can be unhealthy, but will get your calories way up. Once a month I treat myself to a double Whattaburger w/ cheese. I may not be all that hungry (usually have the burger immediately after training) but one bite and my taste buds are in heaven.
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  8. Dr JIM

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    Indeed PC many BB on cycles to enhance LBM are using diets so ROUTINE and unpalatable that my dog would turn his head, lol.

    OP go out an eat a nice restaurant or "Fast Food" (I hate those words since they seem mutually exclusive) do drop in, to determine if this improves your appetite since the problem MAY lie in WHAT your eating, since variety is VERY important in the maintenance of satiety.

  9. MR10X

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    Thats a lot of tren 800mg a week . How was your appetite the first week or so before the tren built up in your system?The first time i did tren A 75mg a day with 600mg test i completely lost my appetite and my urine turned dark.I lowered the dose to 50mg a day things got better but i still had no appetite. I added 600mg a week of Eq and that helped with my appetite. The high tren seemed to hurt my appetite.I did 3 more cycles with tren,Eq and Test and had no problems.
  10. pure43

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    cardio should help alot.
  11. Hossco

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    Weekly totals are 600 Test E, 600 EQ, and 400 tren E. Happy to say I've droped the Tren and hunger is back with a vengance. Thanks for the help guys:)
  12. mac111

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    we sometimes go through phases of not particularly wanting to eat alot, its natural.

    start using a blender, stuff like tuna and tomato soup etc rather than consuming alot of protein shakes, you need proper foods
  13. Pericles

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    Ah yes...the old tuna milkshake.

    start eating high calorie, but still healthy food, like whole wheat spaghetti w/ a meat sauce (I use 96% may want more fat). I add a fat free cheese, but you can go w/ something w/ more fat.

    I then use tons of Parm cheese, literally scooping a large amount and then putting in on spaghetti. I will keep adding parm cheese as I eat.

    Another meal strategy is to eat a clean and healthy meal....limit carbs and fat, then have some ice cream.
  14. mac111

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    what a moron ffs [:eek:)]