No longer responding to hcg?

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    I was wondering if any of you have dealt with this issue? I have been on testosterone for 4 years, cycling up and down during that time, I stayed on mainly because it cured my depression/anxiety.. For the past year my sex drive has tanked, erections are awful, etc. Normally I could run hcg every couple of months or even skip a few weeks of shots and run clomid and my testicles would return to their normal size.

    I went back on the testosterone (125mg/week), to keep my sanity as I moved and my new doctor treated me like a drug addict and wanted me to do nothing and let my body recover :confused:. Anyways hcg always brought my testicles back to normal, now I will still get the feelings of well being but I don't notice much if any size increase (500iu's twice a week) No morning erections, nothing. I have two appointments with hrt clinics here in Canada but I'm looking at 5 months as the quickest I can get in.

    When I went off for 8 months I did 2000iu's hcg eod for 10 shots total, 50mg clomid ed for 30 days, then remained on 25mg clomid for the remainder of the 8 months. No erections in that time, oddly enough DAA helped me feel better, but still no erections, pretty much just falling apart. Sorry for the rant, I'm just frustrated.
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    Without labs, subjective reports are almost of no import. Further, your report that DAA was helpful is clear speculation.
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    testosterone 26.9 (8.4-28.8nmol/L)
    Free testosterone: 65.6 (31.0-94.0pmol/L)
    Free t4: 15 (9-23 pmol/L)
    TSH: 2.21 (0.30-4.00miu/L)
    Free t3: 5.0 (3.5-6.5pmol)
    Estradiol-17 beta: <70 (<150pmol/L)

    And agreed, DAA could very well have been placebo. I should mention that do have hypothyroid symptoms, I've been supplementing with iodine, selenium and b100 and I have noticed some improvement but not enough. I actually used T3 for a week to see if I felt a change, my joints felt a lot better, mood was much better, my memory was better, thinking was clearer,morning erections were better, sex drive was better, but after a week or so the effect diminished. I'm thinking thyroid/adrenals could be my issue. My current doctor is a friend and willing to do bloodwork and let me continue the testosterone use till I get into a clinic.
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    Labs look great to me unless I'm missing something.
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    Ya I'm kind of at a loss here, as on paper it looks good. Any suggestions, further bloodwork etc would be most appreciated.
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    I am confused ,These is your labs without TT?
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    This is 125mg test e, split into 2 shots a week, but my sex drive in non existent, once in a while i'll get a little surge where it picks up for a day then back to nothing. I know I could use my dht, vitamin d, prolactin and further thyroid testing, but I may have to wait as even my family doctor is only willing to test so far.