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    Hey guys,

    Any suggestions what I can do for pct after doing 250mg/wk of test e for 8 weeks? I only have arimidex tablets, and some leftover test. Can I possibly do a biweekly lower dose of test? I’m nervous I’m gonna have side affects if I just stop. Will arimidex work? Thanks for any feedback guys.
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    Sorry but you got to many wrong things in this post already ..
    250 a week cycle .. that’s a freaking waste..
    Arimedex isn’t part of pct
    Low dose of test bi-weekly?

    dude just stay away from steroids .
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    If you are young, you will most likely bounce back naturally, albeit probably a slower recovery. You should do a bunch of reading as the information you seek is readily available. Not too smart to start pinning when you don't know what you are doing and not prepared to do so. You should have had your pct on hand before you started. You are fucking with your health so it's a good idea to take this shit seriously. 250mg a week is basically a high trt dose. You probably managed to bump your levels up a bit higher than natural but you also shut down your natural production which will take some time to recover, especially if you choose to not do a proper pct.
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    No. Don't stop using test. Order some hcg and a serm: tamoxifen, toremifen or clomid. After you got these, then stop using test and start using hcg and after app two weeks start using the serm and a week from there on stop using hcg.

    As others have noted, arimidex is not for pct. Although it should help a bit, but that would only be by crushing your estrogen. This would speed up hpta recovery for a bit, but you would also feel like chit having no test and no estrogen for a while. So don't do it.
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    thanks for the feedback, I know it was stupid. kinda got hyped by a buddy who gave me the test. he didn't say or know anything about pct. I started doing some research after I started doing the test and saw a bunch of stuff about doing a pct. My friend acted like it wasn't necessary, said not to worry about it. However I am worried about it. I am trying to find some sources to order hcg and clomid.
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  7. With that dose and short time period you can recover without a pct. There are some scenarios where pct could fix an issue but for the most part pct just accelerates recovery. If you’re young and were healthy before there’s a good chance you wouldn’t even notice anything coming off. I’d usually opt for pct personally tho. AI’s can help with recovery and fertility because it lowers E but a serm would be more effective.
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    Was your cycle of 250mg of test a week worth it?
  9. This can’t be real. I don’t know whether to help you or not. But fucking get cloned nolva hcg.

    take your last shot then.
    14 days of 1000 IU of hcg every 2-3 days, THEN 4 weeks everyday take 50 mg clomid and 25 mg of nolvsdex

    lock up the steroids and never look at them again if you’re going to be a fucking idiot
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    I ended up bumping up to 500mg and went to 10 weeks. And yes I put on 15 pounds, and felt amazing the last few weeks of the cycle. I am two weeks into clomid/nolva pct. Been dealing with a bit of energy loss, depression and just this week I noticed a bit of fat under my belly button which I did not have before the cycle.

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    hcg at least. Start before you finish the cycle. Taper it off in the beginning of pct. tamoxifen, on hand, would be advisable. Up that dose. It's barely above average natural excretion.
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    In this age of information, people really need to stop listening to their meathead buddy at the gym.