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Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Bob Smith, Feb 14, 2004.

Cause of no results?

  1. Bad training program

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  2. Poor nutrition

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  3. Lack of consistency

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  4. Believing the magazines contain "information"

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  5. Following what the pros do

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  6. Other

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  1. Bob Smith

    Bob Smith Member

    I felt like having you guys debate all the factors, see a few heated discussions, and then have a big group hug at the end.

    I have succeeded.
  2. Freddy

    Freddy Junior Member

    You're an evil man, Bob.
  3. thick

    thick Junior Member

    lol u conniver sp?
  4. Mark Kerr

    Mark Kerr Junior Member

    Now that Gavin put it that way, I think he is right. I am a convert! Training is probably the biggest single factor.


    P.S. Freddy, that is why I mentioned Scot Mendelson. I know he has a six pack when he competes, so I was just trying to make the point that not all powerlifters are fat. Or course, Scot's Pectorals are the size of boulders!
  5. Bob Smith

    Bob Smith Member

    I know, I know. :D
  6. Freddy

    Freddy Junior Member


  7. Freddy

    Freddy Junior Member

    I feel cheap, used and manipulated. And I like it. Does that make me a whore?

  8. Chip Bronson

    Chip Bronson Junior Member

    damn you fucking guys!!! now you really got me thinking and jonesin' over that potato Chip & soda diet. i haven't had any chips in months, trying to stay away from the fat and sodium but, hey, it just might work right? :D

    and i might just start 'streetwalking' at nights to earn a couple of extra bucks to send the kids off to college... who needs sleep?... ;)
  9. Bob Smith

    Bob Smith Member

    Freddy, you can be my whore anyday. ;)

    Chip, instead of chips and soda, why not to the Krispy Kreme and milk diet? Very tasty! Though Dunkin Donuts and Milk would be much better.
  10. Chip Bronson

    Chip Bronson Junior Member

    aaaah, you're fucking killing me bob!!! i feel a binge coming on bro.... dunkin' donuts, krispy cremes, chips, milk, soda... mmmmmmmm.... :D
  11. thick

    thick Junior Member

    i have some sourcream and onion ruffles right here bro. Taco pizza and dorito's at home. Everyday is a cheat day for me woohoo
  12. Bob Smith

    Bob Smith Member

    I would love to dive into a dozen Boston Cream from Dunkin Donuts. Mmm, washed down by a Great One latte.
  13. Grizzly

    Grizzly Member

    Dunkin' Donuts pisses me off anymore. Fuck them people. Years ago the donuts were an acceptable size. Now? Shit, they've shrunk 40%. Piss on that, is what I say.

    The same goes for Dove Bars. They used to be huge and now they're miniscule. Of course, they still cost more. Those bastards!
  14. thick

    thick Junior Member

    i can't stand donuts anyways so who cares and wtf is a dove bar? you missed a helluva thread today big boy
  15. Chip Bronson

    Chip Bronson Junior Member

    you suck, you bastard of the revved-up metabolism.... :p

    MANWHORE Member

    I say Lack of consistency... Prisoners are perfect examples. They train,eat(although not the best food),and sleep at the same times ED
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2004
  17. Grizzly

    Grizzly Member

    Dove Bars are premium ice cream on a stick surrounded by premium chocolate. Maybe it's an Illinois thing. There were several Dove icecream stores around the Chicagoland area, but they've all been changed to Cupid Candies.
  18. dolfe1

    dolfe1 Junior Member

    Chip you had a valid argument after this post and I 100% agree with you, I suppose Phreezer said what Freddy meant because I don't really think Freddy meant what he said in this post. IMHO I still beleive nutrition is #1, maybe I'm just bias, as I will get no gains off of potato chips and soda, unless maybe I ate 10 pounds worth but I don't think that's realistic. Thick about you saying that I am wrong, here's somethin for ya. :)

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  19. Freddy

    Freddy Junior Member

    No, I meant what I said. Phreezer said the same exact thing as I did, just in a less abbrassive manner.
  20. Chip Bronson

    Chip Bronson Junior Member

    dolfe, freddy, when i replied i was speaking for myself, for my particular circumstances. i'm 38 years old and an ectomorph. so for me, it's just not possible to do it without spot-on nutrition, regardless of how hard i'm lifting.

    in high school i weighed 140lbs, in college i weighed 165lbs (after a couple of years of lifting b/w the ages of 17-19) and up until my late 20's i weighed 175lbs. all at the height of 5'11". over the last 8-9 years i've gone from 175 to 215 and fairly lean; now i'm 208lbs. but the only way i did it was via non-stop eating of quality food. i've tried all types of lifting over the years: 5x5, 8x8, 10x10, heavy duty, volume training, high-reps, low-reps, etc. the only time i made good gains is when i stuffed my face with a lot of 'good' food consistently.

    if i were to go back to eating 3 meals a day, even very 'good' food, i would go right back down to 175 within a matter of just a few months regardless of how i trained. believe, it's happened to me twice. so i'm never going back to 3 meals a day, unless i want to drop weight real quickly. for others, like freddy and phreezer, this may not be the case but for me it most certainly is.