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Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Bob Smith, Feb 14, 2004.

Cause of no results?

  1. Bad training program

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  2. Poor nutrition

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  3. Lack of consistency

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  4. Believing the magazines contain "information"

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  5. Following what the pros do

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  6. Other

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  1. Bob Smith

    Bob Smith Member

    I suppose it depends on what you consider Upstate. Some people think of Buffalo as Upstate. Thats freakin Western. I consider Upstate to be Albany north to the Can border. Not much open land in that area as there are so many trees (and largest state park in the country). IIRC, the Adirondack Park is bigger than Rhode Island.
  2. thick

    thick Junior Member

    LMAO that is too funny. Freddy, i knew u were young but i wasn't sure how honest smarttart was being so i had to ask. Hope u guys like Cal. Is your family on the east coast and hers on the west?
  3. Freddy

    Freddy Junior Member

    Hahaha, I don't think she'd appreciate that kind of celebrity. Maybe if I censor out her face...naw, I can't. are persuasive though, you big bastard. Nice try, but no dice. ;)

    I think JS has me beat there...he had his kid squatting a foam and plastic barbell at like what...2 years old? lol.

    MANWHORE Member

    Upstate to me is anything north of NJ. We used to go up to Lake George for 2 weeks every year,when we were younger. We were accually staying on Lake Luzern,and i loved it. I've been wanting to set up a trip up there again,so i can bring my wife,friend,and his women. I love the country,lakes,mountains.... The campfires etc i miss all that
  5. Freddy

    Freddy Junior Member

    Oh, by "open Land" I meant forrest with no buildings or signs of civilization. Remember, I've seen very little of the midwest so I'm not talking about open fields or cowboy shit. lol.
  6. Bob Smith

    Bob Smith Member

    LOL! People are usually quite surprised when they head out towards the Finger Lakes and Syracuse. Its just as barren and as the Midwest is. Nothing but corn fields.

    How come JS waited till 2 years old to get the kid squatting? :D The kids already behind schedule!

    Postwh...I mean, Manwhore, Lake George is WAY too touristy. Too many fucknuts go there during the summer. Luzerne is pretty cool but almost as crowded. You should head a little further north to Loon or Schroon Lake. Or even Lake Placid (cool town). Less people to deal with, clean water and not 5 million drunk boat captains trying to run your ass over. Its a much more pleasant vacation experience at the smaller lakes.
  7. Freddy

    Freddy Junior Member

    Yeah, we're both just 21, so the thought of kids is really scary to me. The evil girl loves to tease me about the damn subject. lol.

    Yeah, she lived here before college, so she came here. Then her parents moved to Cali, so I'll get to check out the beaches and whatnot hopefully. Should be fun!
  8. Bob Smith

    Bob Smith Member

    Freddy, whats your major? Also, werent you considering a venture to the Dark Side?
  9. Freddy

    Freddy Junior Member

    LOL...well, the kid is bred from good stock, so he can afford to play a little catchup.
  10. Freddy

    Freddy Junior Member

    I'm an econ major with a poli sci minor. Talking to a career developer type-dude this monday actually about the possibility of law school, but my GPA might not be high enough. LOL...and yes, I was, but JS talked me out of it for the moment. I'm giving the natural thing a shot for a little while longer.
  11. Bob Smith

    Bob Smith Member

    Natural is so...old school. lol Good choice bro, Im sure that with you working with JS that you'll still get some awesome results. I still remember a few of those pics you posted last year. What are your current stats?

    Econ has quite a few possibilities for you if you want to go right into work.
  12. Freddy

    Freddy Junior Member

    Thanks, I stayed in the 181 class for the last year, I did 3 competitions and did ok at the state, regional, and national level in the USPF. Actually took a 1st place in a regional push/pull competition with a 300 pound bench and a 400 pound dead. So I was happy with that.

    I've been squatting 400 off of boxes, and I did a 415 4 board bench press, and did a 600 pin pull from knee height (no straps), so trainings been going well.

    Been doing the sprints like we talked about, and I'm actually down a lot of weight now, and stronger. lol...Maybe I'll try the 165 pound weight class.

    Actually, I shouldn't. of my competitors trains with us in the same gym, and he is 165 pounds and pulls 600-700 in competition. So fuck it, I'll just get fat again.
  13. Trenman

    Trenman Junior Member

    Add all the above and I would pick it.
  14. Bob Smith

    Bob Smith Member

    Damn, youre a strong little dude! One thing I sometimes wish I had was a training partner. But being as I workout at home it makes it a lil difficult.

    So the intervals have been working well for you?
  15. Freddy

    Freddy Junior Member

    I don't mean to rub it in, but a training partner is a BIG help. There is no denying that. Things you can do to help yourself are play loud angry music, and such, but a training partner really is invaluable. There are some things that can't be helped though, and you can't just sit back and wish you had a training partner if you don't. It just won't help things, and worrying about is pointless. You can still make great gains without one.

    I'm fair in my weight class in terms of performance. I'm good with technique, especially on the bench press. I get a lot of compliments on my bench form from my competitors.

    But other than that I'm really not that strong. Like I said, we have another powerlifter in my gym who weighs less than me, and benches around 400, squats 500-600 (depending) and deadlifts 600-700. That is really good, I think. Thats about a 4x bodyweight deadlift, without any drugs at all, and an injured back. Strong dude!

    EDIT: Oh yeah, and yes, I'm very pleased with the intervals. Getting me in beach condition quickly. God I'm such a queer bodybuilder now. LOL :cool:
  16. Bob Smith

    Bob Smith Member

    Yes, yes you are a queer bodybuilder now. lol, jk bro.

    I dont worry at all about not having a partner. Not much I can do about it, especially since I workout at various times during the day and not on a regular schedule. Oh well. I play Rob Zombie most of the time or old school Metallica. I make pretty good progress and have been doing well with my diet the past 6 weeks or so. Once I get back to having an income, I need to pick up some sort of cardio equip (prob. stationary bike) so I can speed my progress a little.
  17. Freddy

    Freddy Junior Member

    Thats all you can do.

    This is the best advice JS ever gave me, and its simple and elegant and it just plain works. I can't quote him verbatum, but this is the general jist (and we're talking about making quick gains, so no starvation bullshit here ;) ):

    "Eat a shit load. If you get fat, you're not doing enough volume. Up your volume."
  18. Bob Smith

    Bob Smith Member

    Next time around I will probabl add a lil more volume to my HST program and see how I respond to that. I just have to keep my eating under control. I was the fat kid growing up and have trouble staying relatively lean now, I tend to go way overboard when bulking. Next time I will try to stay with cleaner foods and a more moderate calorie intake. Either way, Im a work in progress with a long way to go.
  19. Freddy

    Freddy Junior Member

    I think Bryan was saying how he's advocating adding volume instead of exercises to HST when you stop making gains.

    For instance, if the normal cookie cutter HST program isn't working anymore, instead of adding more exercises, just do more sets with the original exercises. 4 sets instead of 2. I really think this would work very well.

    Something else to think about, is adding GPP style work. I wouldn't worry too much about what you're eating. Eat a lot, but add GPP if HST alone isn't enough to keep you in shape.

    I know you workout 6 days a week now, with the HST program split into half and done in 2 days instead of just 1 day. Also, I'm not sure what your schedule is like right now. So what I suggest might not be feasible if you have a lot of time constraints.

    But you could do weighted stair climbs 6-12 hours off from your workout. Just get a backpack or something with weight, and climb 2 flights of stairs and take the elevator back down. Do this for 10 minutes 2-7x a week. If you can do it easily, increase the frequency until you do it 6 or 7 times a week, OR add weight, OR do both. That should help you add enough volume to gain weight, while keeping you in shape. And the additional conditioning benefits are great too.
  20. Bob Smith

    Bob Smith Member

    I havent been on HST for a while now. Right now Im dieting using Lyle's UD2 along with the workout specified for it. 3-4 workouts per week. When I go back to HST I havent decided on 3 or 6 days per week. I was thinking of having a sled made for me so that I could confuse my neighbors. ;) Make em wonder why Im dragging some piece of metal around behind me.