no sex drive after restart

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    Hey yall, I've been posting about my problem for a bit now. I was messed up from 5ar inhibitors so I attempted a restart a few months back. I got most recent labs and to my discovery the restart was successful.

    I have great test, lh and fsh. Estrogen skyrocketed while in clomid but now its in perfect range. But yet I still have ed and low sex drive.

    I'm thinking maybe my 5ar enzyme is messed up and my dht hasn't risen. But before the clomid I actually had a sex drive. Now 2 months or so fter and it hasn't come back yet. If m hormones are looking awesome why do I have no sex drive?
  2. jonnyboy

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    I gotta add to that I feel pretty great now. Penis is full again, testicles hang again, they feel full, I have great energy and everything. Just ed and no sex drive.
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    You should get your DHT level measured. How is testosterone and estradiol? Did you do shbg?
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    Yep shbg is good, I forget exactly what. testosterone 24 range is 8-29
    Estradiol 70- range is below <147

    I was thinking of trying andractim in small amounts with some pct after see if that does anything. Or proviron. Last resort is masteron test cycle. That is all IF DHT is indeed low.
  5. Vash1986

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    I have no idea about the nmol/l measure units. Anyway, you really should measure DHT.
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    low DHT is usually --> depression, anxiety, sexual desire / function as related to dominance and anxiety

    so if you had low DHT, you would feel anxious about alot, get stressed out and have a reduced libido, you also would feel less aggressive and no need for assertion over others

    Now, on the other hand, other things influence low sex drive.
    Low dopamine / high prolactin will make you feel blunted, no / little emotion and / or Very depressed. Low dopamine will make you feel anxious as well, and a lot of the same symptoms as low DHT. However the difference will be that with low dopamine you will feel PHYSICALLY anxious, such as leg shaking, hands cracking etc

    Finally, low histamine would cause loss of sexual fantasies, sex itself loses its luster and attractiveness and you would surely have E.D since histamine is needed to augment Nitric Oxide and cause direct vasodilation..

    EDIT : There are two supplements that increase DHT.
    : 1.) Cistanche Deserticola extract
    : 2.) High Potency Nettle Extract

    PM me if you would like to know where to get em
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  7. jonnyboy

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    Pretty sure I could have low dht as well as possible neuro issues no doubt. I did a lot of recreational drugs between 16 and 19 and that started my ride of ED. Then put a 5ar inhibitor in place and my dicks dead.

    I'm not sure if nettle root would do anything for 5ar deficiency would it? My problem seems to be low enyzyme activity not just low dht u know? The enzyme just never started pumpin hormones out again.
  8. clayzor

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    Cistanche deserticola extract
    increases 5-AR / 17a-steroidogenease.

    Nettle increases free test and DHT.

    *EDIT* But you should start with Cistanche first, for a few weeks. Then nettle only once you see blood level of DHT starts rising.

    Nettle you are correct... and only a certain extract increases Free test & DHT.
    Regular nettle decreases DHT, however the 3,4 divanii extract will increase DHT after you restore 5-AR levels w/ Cistanche.

    2nd EDIT : Another product can increase DHT along with cistanche ; Bulbine Natalensis extract. Bulbine + Cistanche would be perfect. Bulbine lowers estrogen, raises total test, DHT. Cistanche increases 5-ARs
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    Wait is this chinese medicine? I don't really trust that
  10. pauladrive

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    Ran dbol and didnt do pct .. Work, getting certified F.AA. STRESS. So not being at home i just stopped the cycle cold turkey , it was sort of a bridge between cycles, well a week later , my cock was dead , nothing , i said wtf . I started to take dbol and got massive erections . I thought problem solved right . I thought i would of learned . now for a second time i just stoped takin dbol considering it was very low mg. 30mg a day . Didnt do the pct ...clomids etc... The reason for this stupidity is out of state getting traing as avionics usairways ... Stress... Alot of time working studying etc... Now its two going on three weeks and its just been getting worst. I cant belive i loose an erection while getting head .. That is the worst . Ever.i feel like an ahole .. Getting depressed and its noticable , from everyday to 0, dont know do now
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  12. clayzor

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    That sucks bro. Just take Cistache, Deer Antler Velvet and USPLabs PowerFULL.
  13. pauladrive

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    What is that for ?a natural test booster ?? Thinking about jumping on another cycle of dbol just to kick start a massive amount of test while i wait for an order i placed to romania . And im thinking of once i finish that perhaps 6week small cycle at 60~75 mg of dbol a day then jump on some serious pct . Now say for some odd reason that dont work ,im thinking then i should go to the doc have the doc take care of the situation ..any thoughts on jumping on a cycle ,or would it do more harm ? Im waiting for 80 vials of sustenon 250 orgenon and about 6months of pct.
  14. clayzor

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    Cistanche increases free Test and DHT / 5-AR. Deer Antler Velvet increases Dopamine and Human Growth Hormone. PowerFULL is a prolactin reducer. Combined it makes the perfect libido booster / erectile enhancement.

    Only about 60 $ for a very efficient combo. Much better than other nattys where you pay 60 $ for 15 days worth, this combo is at least one month worth.

    I would use the above for PCT. Cistanche / DAV in the morning. Then three capsules USPLabs PowerFULL at night. Cistanche also moderately reduces estrogen.

    So there you will have --> increase DHT / Free Test, Reduce Prolactin / Estrogen, increase dopamine --> LH / FSH.

    EDIT : If you want to go on PCT and restore natty test levels then do the above, do not go on another ph cycle. Besides DAV can help maintain all that muscle, you can always stack natural anabolics such as Ecydysone and Maral.
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    Clazor so its not a good idea to jump on a small cycle ... i thought of it , im going online to order what you said , do you know how long before it kicks in ? Stupidity will cost you big time ,,, im wondering how long should i stay off cycle and get the natural test flowing , im sure the nxt time pct or forget it . Thanks man this really sucks , im a fighter i got a drawer full of magnums with my name on it ...
  16. clayzor

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    Really depends on how messed up your pituitary is. is where I recommend to get deer antler velvet, cistanche. USPlabs PowerFULL you can get right at GNC, take this at night.

    I would say deer antler velvet definetly works the quickest (within a week), whereas cistanche takes a bit longer, powerFULL works within about a week. Make sure you take powerFULL with water, NO carbs within an hour of taking it. Some people notice results in a couple days.

    VERY IMPORTANT : Keep protein intake up, and eat one - two bowls of high protein cereal with high amount folic acid.

    Folic Acid triggers histamine release, which stimulates the pituitary gland to secret LH/FSH.
    Protein is important to keep dopamine levels and histamine elevated. Without enough protein, libido will not be proper.
  17. RandyBobandy

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    I would like to question the absorption of deer antler velvet. GI 101