No sides from 12 ius daily

Discussion in 'Human Growth Hormone and Peptides' started by zerodiddy, Apr 10, 2019.

  1. zerodiddy

    zerodiddy Member

    im just trying to use gh. do you know when side effects kick in?
  2. Fryguy

    Fryguy Member

    It depends. At 6iu I didn't notice anything except lethargy. Best way to confirm is a blood test. Labcorp says all you need is a photo ID. Can even be a work badge or passport. You sure you can't get one?
  3. rpbb

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    This whole question sounds like total bullshit. Go from never taking hgh to a vial a day, bullshit
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  4. rpbb

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    In your case, never. You're too stupid to be taking hgh
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  5. zerodiddy

    zerodiddy Member

    so just because i have some questions i become stupid. if you think im trying to sales trash or anything, im not, ive seen results of nextdayhgh and TP and knows this is real shit. i just wanted to know if anyone has any experience like me where you don't get any sides. im looking for an honest answer
  6. JohnnyD

    JohnnyD Member

    If you’re not willing to get blood serum tests then there is really nothing we can tell you here. I’ve previously used hgh from that source, no complaints here.

    You should probably reevaluate your life choices btw
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  7. lilhawk

    lilhawk Member

    This guy is fucking with everyone. If he's not he is pathetically stupid. Also, why in the hell do you keep asking when side effects kick in? I've never ever seen any drug other than GH have its effectiveness measured by the side effects it causes. Its idiotic. What positive effects do you get from it? None? At that dose you should be seeing daily changes to your physique. Massive pumps in the gym, fullness and roundness should be greatly increased, very good sleep, hunger should be increased as well. You're simply worried about when you're hands are going to start hurting?
  8. Yosyrj

    Yosyrj Member

    For real bro
    Don’t focus in the bad sides, not everyone respond the same way, I personally don’t get the bad sides, but I do get the positive sides, like massive pumps, fullness, increase of appetite, sleeping doesn’t work for me, cuz my sleeping is all fucked up, only pills can fix it, fat burning is on point, I can eat much more carbs and gain no fat, the numbness doesn’t hit me, unless I’m homding a phone for 10 mins in my hands, all these at only 4 IU, so why don’t u tell us if you see any positive effects rather than focusing in the negative sides
    Cuz at 12 IU, you gotta feel something
  9. TenPin

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  10. rpbb

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    probably shilling for another lab
  11. Demondosage

    Demondosage Member

    Here's the reality of it all. You should be feeling so tired you struggle to stay awake or function like a normal human being. HGH levels take a long time for the body to adapt to, and REAL GH that was began rt out of the gate at 12iu's a day would make u sicker than a dog, lethargic as hell, and you would be holding water to the point of adema for the first month or so. It's fake man, there is no way in hell that's real HGH
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  12. zerodiddy

    zerodiddy Member

    i specifically was hesitant to say the source in the first place until i was suggested to do so. and its clear that nextdayhgh sells legit stuff, so its established that my gh is legit. im just wondering if anyone has the same experience as me with minimal sides. if i was shilling another lab would i not have posted it by now?

    followup question: does it matter if you take hgh fasted or no? any anecdotes and experience with consistently eating and taking hgh within a few minutes?
  13. JohnnyD

    JohnnyD Member

    Best bet is it to take in fasted state to avoid high blood sugar issues.
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  14. Morefyah

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    This is your follow up after blasting 12ius a day. You people :confused:
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  15. JohnnyD

    JohnnyD Member

    Yeah, have to agree, seems like he just decided to blast as much hgh as possible without any thought, research or anything. I hope he’s a just a troll
  16. zerodiddy

    zerodiddy Member

    i pretty much researched all there is and unequivocally, everyone who took the mauve tops are high doses got CTS symptoms, and i didn't. this is why im asking these questions....
  17. Mighty-mouse

    Mighty-mouse Member

    Reconstruct 10 vials and I mean a whole kit load into a 10 cc syringe and inject all in multiple spots using the same needle after pulling from all 10 vials. U should start seeing some kind of side effect then
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  18. Roco Bama

    Roco Bama Member

    Not all people get CTS from GH but you should be getting some type of sides from shooting 12ius daily such as water retention and puffy hands, lethargy etc..
    I don’t get CTS from GH either
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  19. lilhawk

    lilhawk Member

    Exactly right. The only time I got CTS was when I used the old Novotropins, Thanktropins, and Rips. At 12ius he should feel like he is going to pop from the fullness and pump legit GH would give at that dose. Sleep like a baby, hungry, etc. Never understood why GH is considered "quality" because it gives CTS. You have people taking 4ius saying 'oh this stuff is great I have numb hands'. Makes no sense at all.
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  20. valuum

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    maybe he's just got that immigrant mentality