No sides from 12 ius daily

Discussion in 'Human Growth Hormone and Peptides' started by zerodiddy, Apr 10, 2019.

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    I’d like to know what’s the immigrant mentality in hgh use
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    12 iu a day and nothing. Shot is junk brother. I take 4iu domestic and I cant eat enough. I have a hard time staying up at work. Brother 12 iu I would not function. Did you retain water when you first started using it?
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    i do have water retention. that may be the biggest mistake ive said, since i didnt bring it up in the original post. i think i have legit gh, water retention is legit. no cts but i thank you all for giving me good answers besides the xenophobic and berating comments
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    I was taking 4 iu's generic and had the water come on pretty much instantly, after a couple weeks numb hands, month later cps... backed off to 2iu's better now... hands still numb.
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    Really like your avatar brother I am all about boost
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    Bullshit, op is an idiot
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    just keep calling me idiot, not explaining why... just calling someone stupid but not explaining what he does to become stupid...
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    Because you judge your experience by only brolore instead of lab work like pointed out infinitely.
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    if anything more people are telling me its fake because i am not getting the cts than not. i know its real, i know that not having cts isnt an indicator of bunk, thanks to the few non-triggered people on this thread. i know i should get lab work, i am just here to find experiences and anecdotes of others who are with my situation.
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    I don't wanna offend you but you have found that anecdotal individual evidence has no merit as per what you wrote but for unknown reason would like more of it? It is highly likely nobody is in your situation because nearly nobody is running 12 IU from the get go. If there is then highly likely their experience will vary from yours, which will make the point of questioning invalid either way because even if your experience is equal with theirs it would prove nothing. Just go do the lab work and get back. Even blood work is different between one individual and the other with basically everything.
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    OP, sometimes with peptides, you can have "real" shit, but due to handling, storage (heat), time expiry issues, it ends up being not effective. Just shaking a reconstituted vial can render it useless.
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    i dont want more of it lmfao. these motherfkers keep posting and hating for no reason. hate me? then just shut up and block my thread. why add fuel to the shitty fire you guys starting shit for no reason not you but others
  14. He's also an illegal. Damn lax US borders.
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    This has to be from someone who is involved with another source or something shady. I'm on my 4th day of mauves from the same source at 3iu per day, and I'm already noticing better sleep along with some of the sides the OP is looking for. There is no way I could handle 12 iu per day, I'm probably going to drop down to 2iu for a week or two. I'm not vouching for next day, but my experience has been positive.
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    nah, ik nextday/TP is legit, i admitted it since day 1. i think i found the problem. i store the hgh on my fridge DOOR and ppl always opening it and shit which bangs the door and shakes the vial. i stopped now. i will update
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    Hmmm that’s where I have always stored mine as well .
    I wouldn’t think just normal swirling would damage the hormone but I could be wrong .

    I know shaking like your mixing a drink could damage it .
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    UPDATE 2020: Would like to bump this old ass thread. 12ius daily back then, yes, and had no sides because I didn't work out. I'm not a bodybuilder, I just wanted GH for it's health benefits, i just roam this forum to get a GH source, thats all dont judge meh plz :D i rarely hit the gym

    but... YOU already know once i started hitting the gym my arms were comatose brotha.

    tldr; if you dont work out, you can inject 20ius and get no sides at all

    once you start working out.. anaesthesia on arms XD; CTS to crazy levels

    edit: and no, storing it on the fridge door won't cause issues LUL... ignore that comment
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    This makes absolutely no sense at all
    Néver read so much shit before
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    tldr; yes you will get sides from hgh if you are a normal steroid user and go to the gym. the reason i didnt get sides was because i dont gym lol

    dont be mád