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    After hours upon hours of research this is the conclusion I have drawn: I find a good looking source that after diving deeper, is a complete scam or random scammer OR I find a good source that turns out to underdose here and there OR I find a great source and then see a few bad reviews that makes me say fuck it nevermind OR finally the most annoying one I find a great source with solid reviews and not terrible prices like Pharmacom but they dont sell everything I need (nolva or hcg).
    Some one help a brotha out
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    you are doing illegal business with criminals, deal with it.
    source's arent perfect, shit happens in business, and breaking the law attracts shady people.
    EVERY source ive seen has gone bad eventually, pick one you feel the most comfortable with, and dont send them money you are not prepared to loose, eventually you are going to get burned.
    if you really want to get burned faster, then just show up in public and act like you're willing to follow blindly. i promise you that nobody who just hands you a source gives good advice.
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    Well said
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    Take your time when your searching
  5. Use pharmacist for anything pcom doesn't have
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    The search function isn't the best but if you google your question it'll usually lead to the Meso thread with the answers you seek. Also what you're looking for is pct products and many members here get their oils from a ugl and their pct from another source that basically only sells pct
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    I understand that. Thats why I'm trying to find the best possible source so that I have the least chance of being scammed before i buy
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    I know you cant talk sources (i think) so will searching the forum for "pct" lead me to some sources? or is googling "pct meso rx" a better idea
  9. skofan

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    asking for a source is a surefire way to attract attention of scammers.
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    Let me ask a different question and get everyones opinion. I work with 2 guys who compete and we are all cool with each other. the 2 of them use steroids but one is my manager and the other my coworker. Do you think it would be inappropriate to say "Hey so and so, I dont want to overstep here but I am considering using aas for the first time and wanted to ask you if I could buy from your guy." I feel in person is much more safer than over the internet
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    Sidenote: they have never said they use but I constantly talk about back pumps and taurine as i was using it on a ph cycle and they say how much they use for their horrible pump so they have hinted at using but never once said "I use"
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    In my experience never do that. Always keep your anonymity cause they will use it against you and then they have the excuse. "Oh well he said it so I went along with it." Never trust anyone as that will be your demise. For all you know they buy some bitch ass gear and have done zero research on the source. An have just as much chance of being scammed as you are. Best to just put in the work and maintain your safety and anonymity on the subject. That's just my 2 cents on opsec
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    I wouldn't discuss it with your boss/manager... You'll find a source here or somewhere else.. There is a ugl that also sells pharma grade stuff ..that's where I get it from..
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    you can get your pct products from cheap international pharmacies. alldaychemist been one. their nolvadex/clomid prices are dirt cheap.
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    Just looked them up and read a 7 page thread on mesorx. Seems like for the most part there generic indian stuff works
  16. Roco Bama

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    all their products are pharma grade. theyre not like these bunk research companies that you gotta worry about.
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    I've had the same problem with finding a source, I read so many good comments and get ready to purchase than i read a bad experience and back out. You can't satisfy everyone, sources are bound to mess up order/bad batches its just part of the game. Just be ready to lose your money if it happens because it's happened to us all.
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    Allot of stuff from India is bunk my friend better of just sourcing your raws for pct str8 from china alibaba dot Com is an importing website for companies to import anything from around the world like video games, cell phones , tv, computers, vitamins and raw work out powders lol just type what your looking for in there search page
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    I wouldn't do anything this guy just mentioned. Good lord. If you think finding reliable finished product is hard, try finding reliable raw sources. Read the raw suppliers threads in here if you don't believe.
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