Nolvadex and Exemestane

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    Been seeing different information regarding the use of nolvadex and exemestane during a pct...How do the two work together? Should one be taken longer than other or is there any kind of tapering needed?
  2. During PCT? Just use the Nolvadex. Save the aromasin for your next blast.
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    No need for an AI during post cycle therapy, generally.
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    exemestane has been shown to help HPTA and testosterone recovery during pct. I have it in the stash along with adex. I think nolvadex isn't in the same category as exem right ? Because exem can be used thru out a cycle as an AI, and can be an option during pct for said benefits. Plus if using adex it's said to have an estrogen rebound,witch exem could help in pct with that . No idea but just what I know from doing my home work Also might help with igf .

    I think it comes down to witch have the lease side effects that your effect by . don't just pct one way, i d try whatever is available to gauge what works . Go further and get blood work too. Probably will be the best feeling knowing what works and maybe save a buck to down the road .
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  5. Correct. aromasin and arimidex are aromatase inhibitors, while Nolvadex is a SERM.

    Estrogen rebound is a bunch of horse shit, IMO.

    When you stop suppressing Estrogen, it naturally begins to rise back up to pre-suppressed levels. It doesn't shoot up uncontrollably. That's not how the body works.

    The same rule applies to prolactin. Do you ever hear people complaining of Prolactin rebound? No. Because that's not how the body works.
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