Nolvadex and Gyno

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    Hello All , I suffer from gyno since 15 years lately i've heard that nolvadex can help to get ride of it .
    I also heard that i need to take :
    80 mg daily for 4 weeks
    40 mg for 4 weeks

    I started taking 80 mg of nolva since 10 Ago , i don't see any result so far .
    Should i continue or stop ?
    Can anyone help please as gyno is really embarrasing
  2. ThE SiCkNeSs

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    You should try raloxifene. It has been said to work better than nolva for pubertal gyno. You should log your progress also for other to see if it works. I also suffer from mild pubertal gyno and have been thinking of trying this. I believe you have to run the protocol for longer than 2 months though.
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    Take pics once a week on same day from start to finish like the sickness said about keeping a log
    You won't see if on yourself as much pictures tell a thousand stories
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    from what i understand, once you already have gyno only surgery will make it go away
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    Understand and accept this FACT NOW, IF you have had GCM since puberty the only "cure" is SURGERY! All other forms of therapy simply diminish the visible effects of hypertrophic breast tissue!

    To that end I'd strongly recommend you have this problem remedied surgically bc CYCLING AAS will only worsen the problem/s in more ways than one, GUARANTEED!

    To that end what form of an evaluation has been conducted? Have you seen a physician and had a DX of GCM CONFIRMED, preferably by ultrasound?

    Do NOT start treatment with ANYTHING until you KNOW you actually have GCM
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    Since tamoxifen has been reasonably well researched, one needs more than one observational study to opine (from an evidence based perspective) Relafen is "better than Tamoxifen" as treatment for GCM.

    Nice job posting these citations, but what's a shame VERY FEW if any single post noobs will even click on them, let alone read the abstracts in an attempt to better understand THEIR problem.
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    actually, this would be the one that suggests raloxifene to be a better treatment option:
    Beneficial effects of raloxifene and tamoxifen in the treatment of pubertal gynecomastia. - PubMed - NCBI
    jim is right though, one study is not enough to draw final conclusions, it is however enough to warrant trying raloxifene if tamoxifene does not work.

    jim, would there be any potential benefit to using both compounds at low dosages, over one compound at a high dosage?
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  8. As Jim stated, if your gyno has become fibrous, the knife is your only option.
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    Just get the gland removed and you won't ever have to worry about it, go see a good doctor and don't be cheap brother

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