Nolvadex and the liver?


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I've seen reports that nolvadex can raise liver enzymes quite a bit, and that liver carcinoma orginally thought to be metastized from breast cancer may actually have been caused by novadex use.

I've heard that it might actually be rougher on the liver than the cycle it's self in some cases.

Does anyone have some solid medical info on this stuff that says to the contrary?

I'm trying to plan out a pct, and have heard that nolvadex is one of the best, if not the best for raising T for pct with less sides than clomid.

Afrer reading that I starting considering just using a anti aromatase for pct, what do you guys think?


I don't know if what your talking about is limited to just nolva or all serms, but you cannot use just an ai for pct. Maybe use torem or clomid. I you don't want to run a serm then don't use aas. The serm is there to kick start your hpta.


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I don't think I've ever heard of other serms raising liver enzimes, so I guess the thread is mainly on nolvadex.


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both clomid and nolva can raise liver enzimes, but if you use serms only a month you wouldn't have problem with the liver. but they have others side effects, the best is to use together, don't use an ai in your pct.

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