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  1. Lobo99

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    I have a simple question.
    Since nolvadex (tamoxifen) raises LH and FSH levels and therefore testosterone levels, does it also increase testicular size?
    In other words, can Nolvadex reverse testicular atrophy after a cycle if you have not taken hcg during that cycle?
    Tell me yours in your experience, thank you.
  2. Lobo99

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    More than 1 year ago I ran a cycle with DHT and gave me testicular atrophy.
    During all this time I didn't take anything anymore but my testicles didn't recover their previous size.
    Moreover, since 1 year I have always constant dull testicular pain.
    hcg mimics LH action and can increase testicular size and reverse atrophy but it doesn't seem to be a good choice because once you stop HCG, since it suppresses your LH and FSH, your testicles shrink again and your T drops worse than before HCG...

    I wonder if low doses of nolvadex like 5mg ED, raising LH and FSH levels can permanently reverse testicular atrophy.
  3. kosp

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    I am sorry to hear that your testicles aren´t all right.

    For that question, there is no better thing than hcg.

    It´s the first time I hear that once you stop HCG, your balls shrink, I don´t really think so unless you have been suppressed for a loooooong time.

    Do you have blood work done?
  4. Lobo99

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    Tomorrow I'll run blood tests.
    Once you stop hcg your balls shrink again?
    This question comes up because HCG suppresses your own LH and FSH.
    I thought that when we stop taking something that suppresses our own LH and FSH, testicular atrophy occurs...
    Am I wrong?
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  5. Mac11wildcat

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    Your LH is already crushed by your cycle. HCG mimics then to get the ball(s) rolling.

    I do not think nolva is going to do the trick for you. There’s a reason they’re used in conjunction during pct if HCG wasn’t used on cycle.
  6. kosp

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    HCG is suppressive, yes. It is used as preventive because it is known that if you never let your balls stop working, it makes easier the recovery afterward, which makes a lot of sense.

    But your case seems rare, more than 1 year with no roids and you said you just did a DHT cycle? Do you mean some orals? What did you use exactly?

    Are you sure your balls are truly atrophied? get that blood work done before...
  7. master.on

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    While nolva can increase LH/FSH
    it can take several months for it to increase testicle size.
    Nolva ain't advised for long term use as side effects (like visual disturbances) can become permanent or hard to reverse.

    hcg is safe for long term use provided you monitor your estrogen and add an aromatase inhibitor if needed.
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  8. BirdieNumNum

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    I call bullshit on that remark straight off the bat. Been round the mill and it does not take long for the HP to get going again after HCG.
  9. BirdieNumNum

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    Better yet, just take clomid for s few week after
  10. Dudes been recovered for over a year with T levels in the 600’s or 700’s according to his other threads. Last thread he had mentioned something about seeing a specialist, I’m guessing they said there’s nothing wrong with him
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    I’m fed up with this shit man. Shit gets more retarded every day.
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    Decent levels them. If u got small balls but they work, fuck it so what?
  13. Lobo99

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    I'm not gonna take anything until I get the blood test results.
    I have a simple question.
    If hcg reverses testicular atrophy, once you stop HCG, do your testicles shrink again because HCG has suppressed your own LH and FSH or do testicles maintain their HCG reached size?
  14. What did the specialist doctor tell you? I know you had an appointment with him in March. Stop worrying about the size of your balls, if they are even 9ml your fertility won’t be impacted based on size like it would if they were <5ml. Even those with fertility issues had success with treatment at the 9ml mark. Anyway you’re like 18 you shouldn’t even be concerned with getting someone pregnant right now, and if it’s a cosmetic don’t worry, dick size is more important and even then it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a big one. You're young you still might grow bigger balls if you don’t mess with yourself.
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