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  1. Hello. Just wanted to say thanks to those who've given me some advice when I needed it. Unfortunately the couple who helped dont out weigh the ignorant ones. When you ask a question most will respond by either flaming you or saying you need to research!! Which is just stupid considering that's why we're here lol. Anyways this will be the last time I write a post and last day I'll be checking this site so quickly flame me while you can !! Hope the new new people do there homework before asking a question. Or don't even bother asking a question just post pictures of rainbows instead. Anyways peace ✌️
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    OP you just need to have thick skin. You can't take things personal so maybe try & ride it out a little longer. If not all the best. ..GL
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    Yea what he said, just got to weed out the bad and learn from the good hope you stay awhile
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    Honestly OP, if lurking awhile, u can always @Someone to answer said question u may have. Researching who to approach on a particular forum is priceless.

    At that time say it was me u were asking and I didn't have the experience to answer said question,I would then ask more knowledgeable members to please jump in and help the OP. Alleviating 99% of the heckling

    **thick skin helps, stick around bud...all good


    The Green Machine
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    Some more seasoned members expect new members to do a minimum amount of research before asking a very basic question that you could answer yourself with 15 minutes or less reading. If your question is something like" I need a source" no one will help you. You are expected to do research and be responsible for your own money.
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    Hi and bye. Your way too sensitive to be on this forum.