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  1. Tizzousa

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    Hey guy,
    After a while just reading and reading a shit ton of fuxking threads I am ready to start being active.
    I came here after being fucked by a friend who referred me to naps. Ugh what a headache and big mistake. 2 months later and I received half my shit. No ai or pct which sucks so figuring that out first. Needless to say looking to learn from you guys and become more knowledgeable about aas and what everyone is doing.

    About to start first cycle test e 500 mg weekly. Pinning twice a week. My numbers are 5’11” 195 and bf 16%. Clean diet and have been lifting for past 5-7 years steady. I also have some dboli was thinking of kickstarting .
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    Welcome to Meso.

    If you want a trial by fire that will expose you to a wide variety of informed opinions detail your proposed cycle, diet macros and workout schedule in the Steroid Forum. Or jump right into the Steroid Cycle Log Forum if you're in for the long haul. Either way have a thick skin and be sure to have done your homework and gotten your precycle labs first.

    You're off to a good start by recognizing how important it is to have your pharma grade AI and pct in hand before you begin.

    Good luck achieving your goals and enjoy being part of the community.
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    Welcome. Just start with the test and save the dbol for your next cycle. Be patient and around week 4 bam it'll hit and you be like holey shit.
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  4. Tizzousa

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    Thanks for the advise guys. After some research on some threads got some pct after my last order international never arrived. Love this community and all the advice !!
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    If the international source is in the Underground and hasn't been responsive to email please be sure to post your experience in their thread. Helps the entire community. They should make things right.
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  6. Tizzousa

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    Yeah man I would do. Got it all sorted now though.. just some postal issues but it all worked out..

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    Leave the dbol alone. You'll be impressed with just a test only first cycle. As long as it's legit mind you.
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    Good luck with your cycle.
  9. Tizzousa

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    Will do. Been running the test going on two weeks. It’s Dragon Pharma so we shall see.. about to place another order for domestic. Got my pharma grade pct. you guys think I need hcg will test only running at 500 pinned twice a week m/th?
    My technique is bad so have had some minor pip. Hand seem to shake when I use my left hand haha.