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  1. RodgerThat

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    Anyone currently using any? I’m taking glinko and pandex ginsing right now and notice it helps with my focus and creativity but was wondering what else is out there (done the research I know what the drugs are but don’t know anyone using them). I’m trying to figure out what would be the ideal stack and also kinda hoping something in amongst it can help with some concussion realated problems I’ve been having (I’m a great candidate for a CTE study probably gonna donate my brain for that when I send my final full send)
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    Subbed. Always been interested in this topic.
  3. Logan44551

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    Interested in them as well.
  4. FiEnD

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    I tried Alpha Brain. Did nothing.

    I honestly think it's a hoax but some swear by it.
  5. Xlgx

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    Been using either cognitex from life extension or true brain from truenutrition.