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    This time around we will give a better introduction

    We have currently stopped USA shipping for safety reasons for us and our clients. Good luck to the USA brothers looking for a good source. Im sure the people here will be able to point you in the right direction

    We have been around for 4 years now being mainly a word of mouth company. Staying local for the last 3 years and now just expanding outside of our area.

    Here is what we have to offer:

    Orals (Now in sachets)

    Tbol 50tabsx20mg

    Anavar 50tabsx20mg

    Winny 100tabsx10mg

    Tianabol (10mg var/10mg tbol per tab) 100 tabs x10mg

    Tianabol (10mg var/10mg tbol per tab) 50 tabs x 10mg

    Dbol 50tabsx20mg

    Anadrol 50tabs x 25mg

    Anadrol 50tabsx50mg

    Superdrol 50tabsx10mg

    Proviron 50tabs x 25mg

    Halotest 50tabsx10mg

    Primo ace 50tabsx20mg


    aromasin 50tabsx12.5mg

    nolvadex 50tabsx20mg

    Arimadex 50tabsx1mg

    clomid 50tabsx50mg

    Letrozol 50tabsx1.25mg

    Sexual Aids

    cialis 50tabsx20mg

    viagra 50tabsx50mg

    Injectables 10ml bottles

    Test Prop 100mg/ml

    Test Prop 200mg/ml

    Test Cyp 200mg/ml

    Test Enth 250mg/ml

    tren Ace 100mg/ml

    Tren Enth 100mg/ml

    Tren Enth 200mg/ml

    Mast Prop 100mg/m

    Mast Enth 100mg/ml

    NPP 100mg/ml

    Deca 300mg/ml

    EQ 300mg/ml

    Primo Enth 100mg/ml

    Sust 250mg/ml

    Sust 350mg/ml


    Power Stack (tren ace 50mg/tren enth 150mg/ test enth 200mg per ml)

    Cut Stack (75mg prop/ 50mg tren ace/ 50mg mast prop per ml)

    Fat Loss

    clenbuterol 50mcgx100tabs

    clen Pens 10ml pens--- 80sprays @ .025mcg spray


    HGH jeotropin 100iu kits

    Norvotropin 100iu kits

    Belitropina 150iu kits

    Serostim 126iu kits (pharm grade)

    hcg 5000iu (out of stock)







    Production Process


    Sterilization/ Hygiene:

    All tablets are mixed and produced with machinery that complies with GMP standards. Face masks are worn, as are gloves. All tablets are made in a separate area far from where vials are produced for sterility reasons for both areas


    Tablet binders, excipients, dyes, and API's are measured, sifted, and then placed into a pharmaceutical mixer for 10-15minutes to ensure consistent product dosing.

    Once mixed, tablet mix is fed into a tablet press which then produces the final tabbed product

    Tablets are then machine counted into each sachet



    Vials and stoppers thoroughly washed in water and then rinsed again with isopropyl. From there they are put into an autoclave for thorough sterilization

    Beakers and media bottles are washed with water first. Then rinsed with isopropyl. Once dried they are then put into an oven at 220 degrees for a period of 30-45 minutes

    Tubing for sterile oil dispensing from beakers to media bottles is washed with isopropyl and dried at 170 degrees, then vacuum sealed until next use.


    Lab coats are worn throughout the whole process. Gloves are frequently changed due to the different types of solvents and materials used. Face masks are worn at all times while working with all substances


    After a cleaning of the entire production area with isopropyl cleaner, vials/media bottles are sterilized and placed to heat dry. While they bake, the injectables are prepared with care to ensure sterility. Once the hormone is dissolved throughly, it is run through a .22um whatman polycap filter into a sterile glass media bottle.

    From the media bottles to the vials a peristaltic pump is used. New sterile tubing is used each time this is done. Once vials are filled, stoppers are put in place, and then tops crimped on


    All goods are tested first with a labmax testing kit to verify that producer has sent the right items. After that a melt test is done in order to further verify that substances are what they should be.
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    And you just so happened to have stumbled onto Meso right Nordic ? Lol Your whole act is brutally transparent! Canadian members don't waste your time. This lab has no reputation. Look elsewhere
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    Trying to start again like the other shitty thread never happened? I preferred the other one...

    Nordic Fusion Labs
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    For those who want to look at the old thread go for it. Started a new one as it better clarifies how we handle goods and the process in how we make them. It should have been brought up off the bat but I unfortunately didn't start off on the right foot. Hopefully this thread helps those feel more comfortable with how goods are made as we take pride in quality and sterilization practices

    Any questions pertaining to what we offer are welcomed
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    Nice try Nordic ! Zero bloods, zero reviews on the Net and your CLAIMING QUALITY??? Please stop this fuckery
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    I'm going to get one of your rugs... Maybe some new curtains?

    Nordic Fusion
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    So Nordic I have a question. You joined here and stated you wanted to learn more about BB and said you wanted to contribute. But here you are starting a new thread promoting your snake oil ! So what gives man? I believe you are trying to play both sides of the fence. That does fly here, neither do start up ugl's. ;)
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    Isnt this source the guy that is out in the community, giving advise, posting in other sources threads, instigating arguments in members threads ect?

    Id bet a real vial that your products are as shitty as your manners.
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    Starting a new threat makes it look like you have something to hide.

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    nothing to hide at all. Everyone knows you can't hide anything on meso
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    How bout some pics of the lab & equipment? Pics of testing raws?
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    Here is for the test enth and heres labmax instructions for reference
    testosterone enanthate test kit IMG_1184_0060.JPG IMG_1186_0062.JPG


    Here is for the Anavar

    If you guys want more labmax pics I am happy to post them every time a new order comes in as we frequently check the items

    As for lab equipment I won't post any of those. No ugl would in their right mind post those pics for safety reasons. We have the proper equipment as I described. Thats all you need to know.
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    You have been told all you need to know as well. But clearly it will not suffice for both sides here, probably better off just packing your shit and staying gone.
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    you guys are hating on this guy soo much, why? no good reviews but no bad ones either. maybe benefit of doubt is called for untill you see something bad. I mean if there is a bad review he knows it will be posted, so no point making up a bunch of bs when its going to be called out as soon as people use the lab...
    just seems like you guys are being a bit harsh, but maybe im missing something....
    maybe this will be a good lab thats just not known by many yet.
    there are alot of good small ugls, just because they are not known wide spread doesnt make them crappy.
    i tend to see alot of issues with ones that are super big vs. small.

    just my 0.2 anyway....
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    what oil is used in your injects btw?
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    Take your 0.2 and go read his previous thread. Then go see the rest of his posts and see how disrespectful he is towards the community and other members. Yes you are missing something.
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    yeah i was just looking at some posts... guess we will see in time. i didnt see anything big yet, but i see the tone you mention so i guess i must be. recent posts seem ok, but likely due to being called out? havent been to active this year till i got more free time. thanks.

    researching canadian labs right now because its been a while since i have.
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    Welcome to meso. This guy blew his chance to introduce the lab and he's done. Just a matter of how long he wants to stick around to have his thread trashed. You get one chance on meso and even a great intro/lab will still have trouble.

    Have you received free gear from this lab in the past due to your being a mod on other forums?

    @Nordic the only picture I'd like seeing you post is you shutting your dick in a door.
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    Good luck with the search bro, this guy here is an ass. He is just like any other ugl with the additional shmuck attitude.
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