Norton life lock VPN

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    Does anyone have experience with this? Was going to purchase a VPN service but realized I have this option already. I know people say to use a company with servers outside the US, I can’t find if this is the case with Norton life lock VPN. Thanks
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    You may want to look into Skyzip. It's free without ads and every time I have looked up my IP addy it shows me in Germany.
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    Thanks, how do you look up your IP address?
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  5. They're good, but you can only check your ip so many times per day before you start getting error messages and/or messages advising you to register (which kinda defeats the purpose.)

    You can use an IP checker by a VPN company, Express VPN -- they put no limits on th enumber of times that you can check your IP: What's My IP Address? | Online Privacy and Security Tool
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    Gotcha and thanks for your suggestion. If you are only merely just testing your connection configuration then whatismyip is fine. Think most VPN providers offer an IP checker as well.
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    What if they own, control or hacked the VPN?
    A burner smartphone beats a VPN. Even if they track your IP, they can't do much about it since it is a burner smartphone.
    (advise just meant for privacy reasons, not meant to break any law)