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    Hi all,

    If I can get rid of gyno symptoms (some sensitivity in the nipples) with just 10mg of tamoxifen per day, is not this much less harsh to the body than adding AIs?
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    Apples and oranges

    Do you want estrogen high but just no titties?

    I'd rather have proper estrogen and no tits
    AI is only harsh when over used
  3. Despite the use/abuse of testosterone, the body still attempts to keep balance, so as Testosterone levels creep higher, so do Estrogen levels.

    My question is. Are we shortchanging ourselves when we try to keep Estrogen within the reference range of a natural lifter, while at the same time trying to keep Testosterone far above those same reference ranges?

    i'm not suggesting that anyone allow Estrogen to wreak havoc by not running an AI or SERM, but i'm wondering if it's taking anything away from the full potential benefits of AAS.

    Any thoughts?
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    I agree with you, the ratio of testosterone to estrogen has got to come into play here.
    On 200 mg a week of test I'd probably be pretty happy with an estradiol level of 20 PG per deciliter. Pump It Up to 500mg a week and I would certainly be okay with estrogen at 40 or 50 p g per DL
    Just barely out of the normal range, but higher-than-average.
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    when it comes to steroids, the less you can interfere in the body functions, the better. I´ve always considered that acting in the Aromatase Enzyme is a hard thing to do, only if you are really having bad gyno and bad symptoms from high estrogen I would force an AI.

    For me, my priorities in order to combat high estrogen:

    1) 25mg day proviron with its little AI effect.
    2) 10mg tamox day.
    3) arimidex as emergency.

    Obviously, I am not a heavy user.

    I don´t know man... estrogen is just so important...
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    I dont use any AI at all, but also dont run heavy doses either. If I was growing tits I'd damn sure be taking adex. I'd rather take a proper dose of adex than have high estrogen and take nolva.
    My need for an AI has dropped off as my body gets used to TRT, used to need the adex... now I dont
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    Ive noticed the high estrogen balanced with high testosterone doesnt bother me besides erect itchy nips sometimes. The trick is to get the estrogen down as you near the end of your cycle when your test levels drop. You dont want low test high estrogen, thats when problems start
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    we trust very little in the homeostasis natural action of the body.

    I have a friend who never did pct, he just trusted his body.