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    Anyone heard of that GH before ?
    Met a guy who claims to be using 10 iu a day, year round (not sure how long he´s been using Novartis-bio) but never heard about it before, so a bit surprised.
    Found websites selling it, some claiming it is from Novartis, based in Switzerland :(
    It´s sold in half decent looking packages (same level as Supertropin) for similar prices and seems to be coming from China.
    Got me curious, that guy seems to be juicing a lot and openly, which makes for interesting conversations in a IPF dominated gym where this kind of things are usually kept hush hush, but wondering on how serious his sources are.

    PS : he is only competing in untested feds afaik, not in IPF
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    Never heard of it. There are multiple hgh sources here.
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    Yes, according to google there is no mention of this GH on any forum, there are a few online sellers, a Facebook page and a gmail adress.
    As of Meso´s sources, sure, but I´m more interested in other products currently, and possibly getting them occasionally without ordering them online.
    I still have a couple of boxes of Supertropin in the fridge btw, gave GH a rest a few months ago but will probably use some again next year.

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    Omnitrope? Novartis is a legit pharma company lol. Unless he's using some knockoff counterfeit brand. But Novartis really is Swiss based. I realize Omnitrope says "Sandoz" in big letters but it is owned by Novartis or some such thing, they even say Novartis on the box
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    Nah, it´s Novartis Bio, like in the links below if I understood properly. The guy I talked to knows it´s supposed to come from China but the website in 2nd link makes it looks like it comes from Switzerland. Never heard about it, but really don´t know the local AAS market here, for all I know that brand might be very popular here. No idea how good it is, that (serious) lifter seems to attribute his vascularity to this GH, but considering how he sounds like a heavy aas user, it could well come from other drugs:

    Novartis-bio somatropin 100 iu - Peace Medication Health
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    "Uman rowth ormone"

    Take my money. Lmao.

    They even stole the Novartis logo. Ask your boy to get tested to see if it's legit. Or test some of his. Personally I wouldn't waste the money cause he said it made him "vascular"
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    never heard of those but that site sells xtc weed and pain pills def wouldnt order from them forsure. Prices on the pharm grade hgh seems low too.Tell ya buddy get igf bloodwork done not that much money
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    That site also sells ecstasy. What in the fuck lol
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    finally I can get my hgh & mdma from the same vendor haha
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