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Discussion in 'Steroid Homebrew' started by picholas, Aug 31, 2018.

  1. picholas

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    Saw a bunch of people saying it crashes pretty easily, so I am attempting it with 1% BA, 20%BB, and a 60/40 MCT/EO split. Just 60mL to see if it works.

    I got my TPP/NPP blend to hold at 150/100 with a 50/50 split, so hoping this isn't any harder.

    Sterilizing the glass stuff then going to filter it and hope for the best
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  2. NorthMich

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    Do you like the size of your clave?
  3. picholas

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    My model has 3 interior shelves. I can do about 150-200 vials at a time, and if I take out 2 of the shelves most of my bigger glassware can stand on the bottom row.

    Some of the bigger items I have to lay down and do solo.

    It's good but I am still shopping around for another clave preferably a steam one.
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  4. Eman

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    You don't need that much BB and you don't need EO at all.
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  5. NorthMich

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    I don’t want to derail your thread, but I’d be curious what model you fix your sights on. Sounds like you’d like to go bigger?
  6. picholas

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    I'll try it again at 18% and just MCT. Just seeing the comparison. With the Bold Cyp I made, crashing vs not crashing was a difference of 3% BB.

    I handle EO fine so I don't mind it.

    The interior doesn't get much bigger even it the other models I am looking at. Just another to speed it up and to have in case. A steam also is a lot faster.
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  7. NorthMich

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    Ah. Run 2. Gotcha
  8. Npp will hold 150mg/ml at 20%BB and mig840. And 200mg/ml around 25% bb. Haven't tried less bb with that.
  9. Robfromga

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    Hope it holds for ya
  10. picholas

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    Alright so I brewed
    • 2 on the left @ 150mg with a 60/40 MCT/EO split with 20% BB
    • 2 in the middle @ 150mg with a 60/40 MCT/EO split with 18% BB
    • The big 100mL vial is @ 150mg with just MCT with 18% BB -- not confident in this holding at all so left in a big ass vial if I need to fix it.

    The little vial is because there was a little big extra about 6mL and I wanted the math easy with 100mL if I have to correct it

    NPP Exp.png
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  11. Eman

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    It should hold fine at 18%. Definitely hold at 20% unless you live in a refrigerator. :)

    I have bold cyp at 15%, IIRC. I kept seeing people say it was an exotic brew that crashed easily... Not at all my experience, it was one of the easiest I've ever done.

    The difference between holding or not might be just 1%... I can usually tell if it's going to pull into solution before I add oil. I get it very close and then add MCT oil to finish it off. I've never had a vial crash... But I've also never done a brew that's really technical like a base oil, inj orals or blends. I'm going to start experimenting in the not too distant future... Good TNE is pretty hard to come by and it's a favorite of mine.
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  12. picholas

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    I made some BC 200 @ 18% BB but to get it to hold @ 250 I had to go ~10% higher

    However even with the higher BB the PIP isn't bad at all. I tried it 250 @ 22% and a few crystals would form in the bottom at room temperature.

    TNE I made a bunch of. 50mg no issue, but the 100mg I can't figure out why but I had 8x10mL vials of it, and half of them crashed the other half no issue.

    The TPP/NPP 150/100 worked perfectly, no complaints and a great blend.

    Inj Dbol is the next experiment.
  13. Eman

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    Yeah I'm looking towards a 100mg TNE. I used Primo of the Gods exclusively for TNE, it was superb.
  14. picholas

    picholas Member

    Unfortunately I found really good 100mg TNE @HIGHRISK I think he used it too, from 24hreup but they self-destructed.

    I swear two of my vials will crash if you sneeze too close to them. Annoying, if you ever find a good source for it make sure to tag me or shoot me a PM.

    HIGHRISK Member

    I never used there TNE it was potg but the Royal labs oils I've been pleased with. I guess 24 is no longer? I've been gone and haven't kept up.
  16. picholas

    picholas Member

    Ahhh they threw in the TNE as a freebee and that was how I got into it. Not sure what the issues is, not looking so good now.

    Damn wish I got to try some of that POTG TNE to compare.
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  17. picholas

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    Alright so I just got around to checking on it. Been ~12 hours now, they are still all holding, even the 150mg with 18%BB and all MCT oil.

    I will be honest I am still skeptical about the big 100mL one, and I will check back tonight at the 24 hour mark. If it crashes trying to decide if I should up the BB or cut it with some EO.

    @Eman thoughts?
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  18. Eman

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    I would increase the BB personally, but EO trick would work fine also. I just like mine at 150mg/ml, otherwise it gets annoying to pin the extra oil.

    That's if it crashes... If it held through the night you're off to a good start.
  19. StillMind

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    Great content @picholas ! Haven’t started brewing yet but this will help definitely help the newbies.
  20. midland2009

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    I have a bunch of pharmacoms test suspension oil and water based. They both do the trick but the water based is a real bitch to inject. Even heating it prior to use along with a 22G, one out of two times the plunger will clog and I'll end up throwing the cc out. Def would go with oil based from them, although water based in general is way more effective IMO.

    Stemco Labs use to have water based tne which didn't clog and it was fire. Unfortunately they're long gone :( Prob just going to order some raws from panda and make my own, but I'm still learning.
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