NPP 200

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  1. I just trialed some in my upper trap. Anyone ever use high concentration NPP and how was the PIP?
  2. daylight driller

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    Never ran it at 200 mg/ml what carrier oil and solvemt % are you using if you dont mind me asking
  3. Mig840. 20%BB. I was curious
  4. daylight driller

    daylight driller Member Supporter

    I've run 150mg/ml brewed in mig there was some pip but it wasn't unbearable.
  5. TheBeat

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    When I ran some at 200mg there was absolutely no pip, but there was swelling which was odd. EO? It did crash on me when I first received, but went back into solution and stayed.
  6. Apexvallen

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    Any word on pinning the npp?
  7. Steve84

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    No not yet...I haven't given it a shot. Was waiting for my final report.
  8. What brand and carrier oil is yours?
  9. Steve84

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    So it's by a Canadian Domestic Lab - CDNDA
    Should be all GSO
    BA/BB/EO used

    180 MG/ML (Analyzer)
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