npp and female needing joint repair

Discussion in 'Women and Steroids' started by splizzit, Mar 24, 2018.

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    my wife has elbow bursitis that has been flaring off and on. we are training 3 weeks of muay thai and was looking for help. she is not a bodybuilder and has never used any aas. i get conflicting reports doing the research. family history and a benign lump removed does put her at a higher risk for breast cancer. she has reached menopause.
    i know fbb use var and win, but its the collagen repair and joint issues shes looking for. could NPP be safe? (i know its easy to get off quick with the short ester if sides arise

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    I loved NPP for joint protection. But there definitely are side effects (most go away really quickly though). I would look into the peptide BPC-157 for her bursitis. There are no side effects.
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    Hey snerhairot, did the joint protection benefits from NPP disappear after you went off the cycle?
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    From what I have read, NPP/Deca does not help repair or heal joints but instead just masks the pain which comes back after you cycle off. Experienced fellas with NPP/Deca use correct me if I am wrong.

    I have been using low dose NPP, along with test, and do feel some relief from my elbow and back joints but I will not know until i cycle off if NPP helped with any repair.

    I have read a lot of good things about BPC-157 and TB500 so I tried it for 2 months but in the end could not tell if it really helped me or it is NPP that is masking the pain.

    There is the expensive and longer term solution of pharma grade HGH that is helpful with healing injuries and such. But you do have to take for several months to see the desired effects from what i have read.
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    I've used both deca and npp for my joints. From 100 to 250mg a week for 20 weeks at a time. It has helped me a lot. No more tennis elbow, hip pain nor right shoulder pain. Going off does bring the pain back a little bit but less each time. Now as for your wife has a very painful shoulder. She competes so she hits delts hard.
    She tried NPP at 50mg a week and the pain cleared up when nothing else would work. That includes platelet therapy and hydrocortisone shots. She didn't like the bloating and it jacked her appetite way up so after about 10 weeks she stopped. I'm not making any claims but the debilitating pain she had has not come back.
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  6. You may be better off using tb-500 as if doesn't have to injected locally to the area you are trying to repair. Just my two cents after using both compounds. NPP is awesome, though I don't have any experience with my girl using it