NPP/Deca cycle experience/results?

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    Anyone here have any experience with deca/npp(obviously there are a lot of you)? I'm curious how others felt/looked while on it. At start, middle, and end. Specifically NPP since that's what I'm on now. I'm on the tail end of a 12 week cycle of npp and a couple orals that I used to kickstart and finish off the cycle. Anavar and proviron at start, and winny for a finisher. If I get some replies, I will also share results from my cycle as well.

    Did you feel stronger? Good gains? Cutting or bulking? How long of a cycle did you run? Stuff like that.
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    750t, 500 deca, some tren/oral cycling at the end to bust plateaus. 20lbs in 16 weeks. Nandrolone is a tried and true staple in AAS cycles for a reason. Shit works if you do.
  3. 650 Sustanon & 450 NPP was a great combination for myself. It was also my first time using NPP so it was a new trial and error. I dont think in the future i would go above that dose with NPP for me personally. But my appetite was great, strength climbed nicely as well week to week, i didnt have a lot of water retention either, and the fullness it gave to my muscles w was another great attribute of the compound. Ive never ran deca with the long ester so i cant personally compare NPP to that, but my experience with NPP was great and id more than likely continue to utilize the compound in the future. Lastly one thing - i did have to be a lot more careful with my AI because NPP did effect my sensitively. I noticed the elevated tenderness in my nips about two weeks in but once i just made a small change to dosage/frequency of my AI the issue didnt progress past that.
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    I specifically love the fullness deca brings stack it with drol and u can’t beat it
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    You added Tren to your deca cycle?

    Do you think the 450mg of NPP was to blame for the sore nips? I am currently doing 450mg a week of NPP as well pinning MWF. I am noticing the sore nips as well. I did a 6 week blood lab and found my E2 to be right in the middle of normal range (taking 12.5mg of aromasin EOD to E2D) but my prolactin levels were on the high side.

    I started taking 200mg a day of P5P and 400mg of Vitamin E a day, and also started pinning every day instead of MWF and it seemed to lessen the soreness of the nips. I switched back this week to MWF and the soreness came back.

    So my thought is the higher blasts of NPP are causing the prolactin spikes and when I lower the doses and inject ED, it did seem to help with lessening sides.

    if by "drol" you mean Superdrol, i will never touch that stuff again. Effective yes but, the sides are just too much. The lethargy was horrible. If you mean Anadrol, I've never taken it before.
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    Hell no sdrol flattens me out, starting it today I hope I can make it past three days, I’m talking anadrol, u just look 10pbs bigger for no reason seriously take it. It’s my favorite

    It’s termed dbol puts the water between muscle and skin and anadrol puts it all into then muscle, kinda like tren. Again this is broscience shit but it’s a good way to describe it.

    Ana is a staple for me, I feel like I’m not on cycle without it

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    I am currently on week 8 of a 12 week cycle.

    I have changed up my Test doses a couple times during.

    I started with 250mg Test Cyp a week with 450mg NPP a week. 50mg Anavar and 100mg Proviron ED

    At week 3 I switched to Test PP and went to 600mg a week pinning MWF

    Week 6 I dropped the Anavar and Proviron.

    At week 7 I switched back to 250mg Test Cyp a week.

    Week 8 I added 50mg a day of Winny and this will go for the last 4 weeks of the cycle.

    When I started this cycle I did blood labs and my Free test was already pretty high and my total test was a little over 3200. My thoughts on the test doses throughout the cycle had to do with bloating. I was unsure if a higher dose was gonna balloon me up or not. So I started low because I knew my test levels were great already, and then bumped it up. I however almost immediately noticed some bloating, my weight came up and no longer fluctuated around the same numbers, and just started to look like a bag of milk. So I lowered the amounts again and switched back to the longer ester to save from the amount of level spikes that my system took. It has made a difference. I am pretty sure I should also lower the total dose of NPP I am taking per week down to 350-400mg a week. I feel like this would also ease up on the prolactin spikes.

    As far as overall results of the cycle:

    I personally am very new to this game. This is my 3rd cycle. 1st being just test, 2nd was test/dbol, and now this one. This has by far been the best cycle of course. In 8 weeks I have dropped a lot of body fat and I honestly couldn't tell you how much muscle I have gained. I started at a high BF% and am constantly burning fat and gaining muscle. 5-6 months ago I was 262 lbs. When I started this cycle I was 245. I have gotten as low as 233 and am currently 237 lbs. So that is why it is very hard to give actual gains. I look better in the mirror each week. I see muscles in places I couldn't before. I am way stronger than I have ever been. I actually found my lats on this cycle :p and my 8 year old son has even mentioned to me that my "muscles are getting huge!". :)

    It has been a good cycle thus far and I am really excited to see the last 4 weeks of changes with Winny now added to it!
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    Hell ya man, hope the winny does u well brotha
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    I will also point out that my diet has been on point from the start of this cycle and before I even started it actually. 2200-2400 calories a day. I give myself a solid disgusting cheat meal (5 guys burger) every friday.

    I have also been playing around with my carb intake. Removing carbs from a meal now and then, or carb loading like crazy one day. Just to get the metabolism working better. Really does work. Everytime I get stagnant with my weight, I load up on calories the night before and boom, lose 5 lbs over night.
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    Great compound side effect free very versatile bulking and cutting blasting n cruising.
    I've never felt I was on deca even higher dosages I can only see the results I dint feel I'm on anything.
    Amazing strength best of all injectables for me personally. Great workouts joints feel amazing. If y stack it with dbol then y see how powerful deca is.
    However I dont see results until the dosage is 750mg anything lower and it's useless for me.
    Most I've used was 1g and it kicked it right off the start. My muscles was round and full.
    Secret with deca is to start lean no more than 10% bidyfat.
    At higher dosages I had sore nips but not gyno and I've never expirience deca dick usually it makes my libido crazy high
  11. I pinned it MWF as well and yes i do believe the compound is what led to the elevated sensitivity.
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    I got great cosmetics effects with NPP. Within 2 weeks I looked much fuller. I know it was water but it went all the right places. Good strength gains that came after the initial cosmetic effects. Deca similar but onset of effect much more gradual.

    Also some.joint relief for me.personally.
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