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  1. K0balt

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    Hey all, so recently I've been wanted to try my hand at brewing NPP. I've read that it's a relatively simple compound to brew, and that it doesn't tend to crash too easily. Someone I know sent me this formula for a small amount of NPP dosed at 150mg(slightly overdosed by like 10%). I'm hoping someone here could take a look at it and tell me if it's viable and wont cause crippling PIP.

    02% BA
    18% BB
    5g raw powder
    19.75 mL oil
    30mL total finished product

    He was using a mix of 50% safflower oil with 50% EO. So about 9.85mL safflower oil with 9.85mL EO.

    Does this sound right to ya'll? Safflower oil supposedly holds better than GSO and others. Would EO be necessary at this concentration?

    Appreciate all the help
  2. 88GENERAL88

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    You can make it 200mg too But have to use gauc
  3. K0balt

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    I was really hoping I could get away with not using gauc since I've had some bad experiences with it in the past. Would that amount of EO not be enough to make it hold at 150?
  4. Iron Frenchie

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    It should hold with 20% EO and 20% BB
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  5. Skull

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  6. 88GENERAL88

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    Always best to stay away from super solvents
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  7. Notadouche

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    If you tolerate eo I would think your friends recipe will treat you well.

    I’ve brewed npp @ 166mg/ml(+10% overdose) with 1%ba 10%bb in straight mig840 that held well and pinned smooth fwiw
  8. penche

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    1.5% BA and 21-22% BB it should hold easily at 150mg per ml. Rem tho, the more medication you cram inside per ML it can have a bite. Should be okay at 150 tho
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  9. Giveitago

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    I did 20BB 1.5BA MCT oil only and NPP150 is smooth.
  10. Eman

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    I've gotten it to hold at 18/1 @ 150mg/ml with MCT, no EO. It did crash eventually but I let it get a little chilly in the house, I'm pretty sure it had crashed when I was away for a few weeks during winter and turned my heat down. It was fine after I warmed it up. Had the same experience with bold cyp.
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  11. I just made it at 150 using 1.5BA, 25%BB and MCT. Holds perfectly with no pip.
  12. K0balt

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    Thanks for all the answers ya'll. I have a ton of NPP raws so I guess I'll give some of these recipes a shot and see how it goes for me. Most likely I'll try one with EO and another without it.

    I've actually never had to use EO before so I'd be finding out quick if I have an adverse reaction. Although I think I read somewhere not that long ago that Alpha Pharma uses EO in their compounds and their test cyp has been some of the smoothest I've pinned in my personal experience. I wish I knew exactly what carrier oil they use...
    Either way 10%BB with no EO or gauc is impressive, probably no pip either at that concentration.

    Why the higher BB%? Not questioning it at all just genuinely curious since I was under the impression the higher you go with BB and BA the greater the pip.

    Looks like the general consensus is I should try it with MCT oil. Thank you guys for the help that's probably what I'll opt for since I'd like to keep this brew as simple as I can and don't wanna be adding any super solvents.
  13. Bluebeard

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    brew an amazing blend
    125mg/ml Nandrolone Phenylpropionate
    125mg/ml Test Phenylpropionate
    Using Miglyol 840
    2% BA and 20% BB
    Holds perfect ,no PIP and works fast
    I refuse to use any nasty solvents