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Discussion in 'Steroid Cycle Log' started by Dojobu, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. Dojobu

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    Looking at starting the following cycle at the beginning of 2019: Npp + Test P + Mast P. I've read various dosage regiments with these compounds, some where Npp was ran at 700+ with Test p at 350 but have also viewed a few threads where Npp was ran at 350 while Test P/MastP was ran at 500+. Curious to see what others think

    I'm 6'-0", 32 years old, weighing 200lbs even. This is my 3rd cycle. Body Fat is at 12%. Diet will be on point when cycle kicks-off.

    I plan on mixing all 3 in the same syringe and pinning daily.
    NPP: 80ed (560 Every week)
    Test P: 60ed (420 Every Week)
    Mast P: 60ed (420 Every Week)

    I also do have access to DHB. Thoughts on throwing this in?
  2. tengtren

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    Get that diet on point starting TODAY!
    What's you goal?
    How long you running this?
    What were your previous cycles?
    Trt or pct?

    Mixing is fine, depending what your trying to do id swap mast for dhb

    Test:Nand up to 1:1 is my preference with mast being around half of my test
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  3. Mac11wildcat

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    You’re in for one bonerless cycle if you’re running nandrolone at double your test

    If it were me, I’d drop my npp and mast and up the test a bit, but we need more info about the goal and history.

    I don’t see much success if your diet is only in check when your cycle is...
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  4. Dojobu

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    I should rephrase, diet is in great standing at the moment. I just planned on really dialing it in as cycle kicks off. Strict AF.
    Goal: Gain Lean Mass with this cycle. Looking at a follow-up cycle in the summer for a solid cut.
    Previous Cycle: 12 week Test e + Anavar (Ran this twice)
    Length of Run: 12 weeks in total. I Would stop NPP at week 10.
    pct: Pct 13-16 (4 days after Test-p pin)
    clomid 50/50/25/25
    nolva 40/20/20/20
    aromasin 12.5 mg eod
    Caber and adex on hand if needed. hcg also on hand.
  5. tengtren

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    In the case that your privious gear history is Test and var, and the goal is mass, I'd recommend

    Test 500+, NPP 400+. You could stop there but I'd add DHB at 500+ instead of mast
  6. Mac11wildcat

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    Man this cycle isn’t what I’d recommend to someone with your experience, but what @tengtren said.

    Test: 500
    NPP: 350
    DHB: 500+

    These short esters and ED pinning are going to to rape you on a 12 week cycle.

    Also, add hcg in your cycle, not in pct. 250iu 2x per week.
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  7. Monster053

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    Not sure what your goals are but I’m currently running the same compounds give or take esters. T400/NPP/with a mastPtestP blend. Loving it