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  1. VasodiL8

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    In the middle of planning my next cycle. My goal is still to bulk and get mass on my frame. Im also wanting to up my test dose now as i havnt yet exceeded 500mg per week. Here are the two plans i have so far:

    CYCLE 1
    Test Cyp 1-10 @ 750mg pw
    NPP 1-8 @ 450mg pw
    Dbol 1-5 @ 30,30,30,40,40 ed


    Cycle 2
    Test Cyp 1-10 @ 750mg pw
    tren Ace 1-8 @ 300mg pw
    Dianabol 1-4 @ 40/50mg ed

    Considering these two cycle plans and im curious as there are a lot of compounds i am yet to try. Have some experience with nandrolone and i really like it - never had any bad side effects, no libido issues etc. Infact its the total opposite for me when on deca, sex drive through the roof and a feeling of well being while on as well as feeling strong and full and round.

    I have never experienced tren on the other hand. All im interested in are peoples thoughts and preferences on which compound they consider superior for bulking. And specifically at the doses mentioned. What compound will aid my test dose to give the best results? Trenbolone or Nandrolone????

    Also, with this test dose. What would be optimal time to start pct?

    PCT this time will be:
    clomid 100,100,50,50
    nolva 40,40,20,20
    hcg may blast at end with it being shorter cycle than my last any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

    Thanks lads
  2. Morefyah

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    With a short cycle like that and the fact that you still run a pct. I would choose the tren Stack. Imo dbol is a weird choice to stack with Tren though and I would choice TPP over Cyp.
  3. Cramps88

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    I like running dbol with tren especially if you run the dbol on the back end to get over plateaus. Everything that I've read dbol is very synergistic with tren. It's mentioned in the profiles on the home page. That strength gain from both is fun.
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  4. Morefyah

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    Ive never used dbol but it seems like it would be better on the front side with the Tren at the end to clean everything up.
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  5. Test_Subject

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    I know people who have successfully bulked on tren, but it destroys my appetite, personally. NPP on the other hand turns me into a ravenous beast who can't get enough to eat.

    I'd go with the NPP, myself. Tren also has some other side effects which aren't too fun that NPP doesn't have. The trade off is that NPP is more suppressive.
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  6. Oldschool

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    Either cycle looks good to me. Id just move the oral to the end of the cycle.
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  7. Morefyah

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    Why would you wanna throw sloppy watery gains on top of lean ripped gains? I don’t disagree with the oral at the end, just not dbol.
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  8. TheBeat

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    I think dbol is amazing with tren, but I would move it to the front like @Morefyah said. Personally I'd choose npp over tren and choose orals (compound and timing) according to goals at the moment of their use.
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  9. Fitwelder

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    If you're trying to bulk, I would go with npp. I ate a shitload while on tren and test and just kept getting leaner
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  10. Ophydian

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    I’d stick with 750 test and 600 NPP. tren comes with difficult sides if you are prone to them, at 350 a week that’s a mild Tren cycle and you’ll only be able to do 8 wks tops. With NPP you get the added joint lunricating benefits with the insane blown up full look without any crazy side effects and you can extend it 4-6 weeks longer than the Tren.
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  11. wedorecover

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    Cycle 1
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  12. Cramps88

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    I don't disagree if I was cutting but since I'm bulking I want that extra push at the end.
  13. VasodiL8

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    I have also read about synergism between the two. Particularly in Bill Roberts articles where he says his favourite steroid combination usually involves tren and dbol together. I have the dbol on hand and would want to experience there stacking behaviour. I hear u tho @Morefyah i just want to be making gains from day one with it not being the longest cycle.
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  14. bolder

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    I would do the one that you feel more hyped about. I’m sure you’re leaning towards one over the other. Both seem like decent cycles.
    Try the one you’re leaning most towards, if you’re not satisfied at the end, run the other cycle next time around.
    Jmo @VasodiL8 :)
  15. Shyster

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    Cycle 1, can't beat Npp for bulking IMO. tren is a different animal.
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  16. Oldschool

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    His purpose is a bulk? Dbol doesnt have to be sloppy either. Maybe read a lil better bra?:p
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  17. prkway

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    fuck it and go with both.
    i've been running 300-400 test e, 600-750 deca, 200-300 tren ace and it's the best cycle i've run as far as lean gains.
    go with something like you've laid out, 500-750 test, 450-500 npp, 300-400 tren or just run a gram of test since you said you've never run more than 500. good luck man.
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  18. Morefyah

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    True that but it definitely ain’t gonna lean gains stacked with 750mg of Cyp. o_O Lol, it’s actually hard to find a full on bulk cycle nowadays. It seems like a lot of people want dem gains on the front and to clean up on the backside. But not everyone, I guess it’s personal preference? Like @prkway said he could run both like I am.for me though I don’t want to ever full on bulk, it’s not the look I’m after. But if I did I wouldn’t use tren or NPP and would prob just run Test, Adrol and Deca.
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  19. VasodiL8

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    Great advice, nice one brother. Up to now im leaning more towards npp.
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  20. KillaBig

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    tren for a God like physique, Evryething else is just ordinary.