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  1. JayBigJ

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    How long does it usually take for people to start noticing results from npp? I'm running it along side test in the next few weeks. From my last cycle I know it takes about 6 weeks for me to notice gains from test I am hoping the npp will be a little quicker
  2. JackSmooth

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    2-3 weeks for me. Doesn't hit you but strength increases and it sure does alieviate my elbow pain.
  3. ickyrica

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    A couple weeks for me. Loved it.
  4. I feel like weeks 5-6 it really started to shine. Around week 3 strength increases were very noticeable and continued to increase week to week whether in weight or reps it’s honestly one of my favorite compounds. Sort of like tren in a way minus the harsh sides.. feel it still gave me a solid “full” look...
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  5. Girth

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    For the more experienced...Test/Mast/NPP is a go to. That's for those who don't like tren but still want the 19-nor addition. Most fighters love it for joint purposes and recovery, and those guys DO have a weight to make. So keep that in mind with regard to choice.
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    You ever tried test ,tren and npp at the same time? Noticed you have been around for awhile. Thanks in advance.
  7. DrankSlangin

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    I notice relief in my joints 1.5 - 2 weeks in. Then you’ll notice your recovery improving faster and strength increase. Weeks 5-6 is when you start seeing the nandrolone pump in its full glory.
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    Yeah....a while is a definite.

    But to your point. No. I'm too scientific in that I could never understand why you'd take 2 19-nor's at the same time. Pick one or the other based on your own tolerance/desire/sport/etc and run with it. How a substance affects secondary systems is what matters once you are past the T only phase and need to start hitting other avenues. Since tren/npp both hit the same, I can't see the logic in using both.
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    Damn girth you are like a founding father!
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    NPP takes longer to start working although it has a half life of 4 days. It took about 25 days for me to see some results.
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    Can you get away with every 3rd day pinning or is EOD necessary?
  12. Roco Bama

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    Pinning 3 times a week (m,w,f) is fine
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    In my opinion M,W &F is fine.
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    Agree on the above with regard to frequency, but of course this will depend on your site and metabolic rate of said compound. What I mean is that you pick your starting point based on the "known" science and then start experimenting. Glutes/quads/delts/etc will also dictate how fast it's broken down, but now we are missing the forest for the trees. And stressing over "perfect" is more harmful than just doing it and being confident in your path.
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    Yeah....I try my best to keep hold of Father Time's staff so I can beat him away with it.
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