Nutritional reflex technique (nrt)

sean r

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Someone on another forum was posting about how good their applied kinesiologist is, thats how I learned about it. I'm now seeing a chiropractor who uses the technique, he's about 3 hours from where I live in northern California.
I have taught the techinque I have learned to several people and when MD and directors at major medical clinics are blown away by accuracy.of my results back by clincal data. I went to a meeting for fertility clinic. Next thing I know I was doing muscle testing to all the people there and finding out what was botthering them. The accuracy on the thyroid wa greater then 90% backed by clincal testing that was done on blood work on people I just met. These were MD and LPN and RNS that where attending. I had the most skeptical people convinced when they saw their blood test come back. I was taught a unique method that is alot accurate and more scientific then this VOO DOO stuff I have seen.


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This technique is basically 'applied kinesiology':

Applied Kinesiology: Phony Muscle-Testing for "Allergies" and "Nutrient Deficiencies"

Quote from link above:

"The Bottom Line
The concepts of applied kinesiology do not conform to scientific facts about the causes or treatment of disease. Controlled studies have found no difference between the results with test substances and with placebos. Differences from one test to another may be due to suggestibility, distraction, variations in the amount of force or leverage involved, and/or muscle fatigue. If you encounter a practitioner who relies on AK muscle-testing for diagnosis, head for the nearest exit. Meanwhile, it would help if science-based kinesiologists would stop referring to what they do as applied kinesiology."
I disagree with this because when I have clincal blood test to verify it ..The proof is in the pudding 100 times over because other methods verify it that I use.