Nylon Membrane vs Hydrophobic PTFE

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    What is the superior filter membrane? I know PES is horrible for homebrew purposes but if brewing say 100-200ml per brew what is the ideal membrane.
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    Google hydrophobic and then google hydrophilic
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    I know what it means, that has nothing to do with what I am asking.
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    Then aside from that difference the only difference left would be the solvents it can filter and flow rates / psi correct?
    I guess to me your question is vague with specifically stating your intents of use.
    A basic brew of hormone, BA, BB, Oil. A nylon can do just fine.

    I believe millipore has a chart stating the chemicals and uses of each type of filter.
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    Okay allow me to specify, I heard that Nylon breaks down easier from use of certain solvents like Guaiacol. But say I am making 100ml of Dbol Inject with 3% GUAIA, is a Nylon going to last for that, or am I going to need the PTFE?
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    Perhaps some of these guys around here can give a better answer based on their own personal experiences.
    Maybe they have used nylon successfully for that particular ml amount.

    I have seen guys say they use nylon on more than one board for guaiacol but if using EO they Use pvdf

    From my understandings when using super solvents PVDF and PTFE are supposed to be the better filters for this use.

    I do not fair well with use of super solvents personally. So I can not directly answer the question you are asking. My apologies.
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    Yeah that's where I am at. Wondering how many ml it is safe for with a harsher solvent.
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    Ptfe don't waste your time with nylon bro can't really say how much it would do till failure but think of it this way if it's degrading the filter were is that melting nylon going straight into your brew visible or not I wouldn't chance it.
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    Personally I just used nylon filters for the first time on my last two cook ups of tren and mast. Filtered through around 180m in one filter and it went faster than pvdf don't know it its the filter its self or just because of different brands but it was defo better and start pulling throw with less suction required and my gear is %100 clear as hell with mct. Really liked the nylon tbh.But again maybe it was just going better cause all my pvdf filters have been cheaper ones not sure.
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    I know this wasnt posted super recently but just for future reference I generally stick to pvdf membranes . They can withstand any solvent or combination of cosolvents you will be using in basically any brewing scenerio . I dont know exactly why nylon have become so popular , and while they do make chem resistant nylon membranes they cant resist some of the harsher solvents .
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