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    There's a lot of insipid yammering on this site about Trump (oddly, even turned into a sticky!) but let's take a look at the cause instead: the trainwreck of a president known as Obama.

    There's a good piece in today's WSJ today, for those with digital subscriptions, I have only have the hardcopy. Read that here: The Obama Legacy - maybe someone with access can copy that into this thread? It's a really good read.

    (Also, can we keep comments focused on Obama - and not start harping on Trump or W?
    Yes, pinkos, I'm talking to you.)


    Barack Obama's Legacy of Failure
    Jeff Jacoby · Jan. 9, 2017
    Barack Obama's Legacy of Failure

    As he prepares to move out of the White House, Barack Obama is understandably focused on his legacy and reputation. The president will deliver a farewell address in Chicago on Tuesday; he told his supporters in an e-mail that the speech would “celebrate the ways you’ve changed this country for the better these past eight years,” and previewed his closing argument in a series of tweets hailing “the remarkable progress” for which he hopes to be remembered.

    Certainly Obama has his admirers. For years he has enjoyed doting coverage in the mainstream media. Those press ovations will continue, if a spate of new or forthcoming books by journalists is any indication. Moreover, Obama is going out with better-than-average approval ratings for a departing president. So his push to depict his presidency as years of “remarkable progress” is likely to resonate with his true believers.

    But there are considerably fewer of those true believers than there used to be. Most Americans long ago got over their crush on Obama, as they repeatedly demonstrated at the polls.

    In 2010, two years after electing him president, voters trounced Obama’s party, handing Democrats the biggest midterm losses in 72 years. Obama was reelected in 2012, but by nearly 4 million fewer votes than in his first election, making him the only president ever to win a second term with shrunken margins in both the popular and electoral vote. Two years later, with Obama imploring voters, “[My] policies are on the ballot — every single one of them,” Democrats were clobbered again. And in 2016, as he campaigned hard for Hillary Clinton, Obama was increasingly adamant that his legacy was at stake. “I’m not on this ballot,” he told campaign rallies in a frequent refrain, “but everything we’ve done these last eight years is on the ballot.” The voters heard him out, and once more turned him down.

    As a political leader, Obama has been a disaster for his party. Since his inauguration in 2009, roughly 1,100 elected Democrats nationwide have been ousted by Republicans. Democrats lost their majorities in the US House and Senate. They now hold just 18 of the 50 governorships, and only 31 of the nation’s 99 state legislative chambers. After eight years under Obama, the GOP is stronger than at any time since the 1920s, and the outgoing president’s party is in tatters.

    When Obama touts the way he “changed this country for the better these past eight years,” the wreckage of the Democratic Party — to say nothing of the election of Donald Trump — presumably isn’t what he has in mind. Yet the Democrats' repudiation can’t be divorced from the president and policies he embraced. Obama urged Americans to cast their vote as a thumbs-up or thumbs-down on his legacy. That’s what they did.

    In almost every respect, Obama leaves behind a trail of failure and disappointment. Consider just some of his works:

    The economy. Obama took office during a painful recession and (with Congress’s help) made it even worse. Historically, the deeper a recession, the more robust the recovery that follows, but the economy’s rebound under Obama was the worst in seven decades. Annual GDP growth since the recession ended has averaged a feeble 2.1 percent, by far the puniest economic performance of any president since World War II. Obama spent more public funds on “stimulus” than all previous stimulus programs combined, with wretched, counterproductive results. On his watch, millions of additional Americans fell below the poverty line. The number of food stamp recipients soared. The national debt doubled to an incredible $20 trillion. According to the Pew Research Center, the share of young adults (18- to 34-year-olds) living in their parents' homes is the highest it has been since the Great Depression — particularly young men, whose employment and earning levels are far lower than they were a generation ago.

    In 2008, when Obama was first elected president, 63 percent of Americans considered themselves middle class. Seven years later, only 51 percent still felt the same way. Obama argues energetically that his economic policies have delivered prosperity and employment. Countless Americans disagree — including many who aren’t Republican. “Millions and millions and millions and millions of people look at that pretty picture of America he painted,” said Bill Clinton after Obama extolled the recovery in his last State of the Union speech, “and they cannot find themselves in it to save their lives.”

    Health care. The Affordable Care Act should never have been enacted. Survey after survey confirmed that it lacked majority support, and only through hard-knuckled, party-line maneuvering was the wrenching health-care overhaul rammed through Congress. But Obama was certain the measure would win public support, because of three promises he made over and over: that the law would extend health insurance to the 47 million uninsured, that it would significantly reduce health-insurance costs, and that Americans who had health plans or doctors they liked could keep them.

    But Obamacare has been a fiasco. At least 27 million Americans are still without health insurance, and many of those who are newly insured have simply been added to the Medicaid rolls. Far from reducing costs, Obamacare sent premiums and deductibles skyrocketing. Insurance companies, having suffered billions of dollars in losses on the Obamacare exchanges, have pulled out from many of them, leaving consumers in much of the country with few or no options. And the administration, it transpired, knew all along that millions of Americans would lose their medical plans once the law took effect. The deception was so egregious that in December 2013, PolitiFact dubbed “If you like your health plan, you can keep it” as its “Lie of the Year.”

    Foreign policy. The 44th president came to office vowing not to repeat the foreign-policy mistakes of his predecessor. His own were exponentially worse.

    In his rush to pull US troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, he created a power vacuum into which terror networks expanded and the Taliban revived. Islamic State’s jihadist savagery not only plunged a stabilized Iraq back into shuddering violence, but also inspired scores of lethal terrorist attacks in the West. For months, Obama and his lieutenants insisted that Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad could be induced to “reform,” and pointedly refused to intervene as an uprising against him metastasized into genocidal slaughter. At last Obama vowed to take action if Assad crossed a “red line” by deploying chemical weapons — but when those weapons were used, Obama blinked. The death toll in Syria climbed into the hundreds of thousands, triggering a flood of refugees greater than any the world had seen since the 1940s.

    Determined to conciliate America’s adversaries, the president indulged dictatorial regimes in Iran, Russia, and Cuba. They in turn exploited his passivity with multiple treacheries — seizing Crimea and destroying Aleppo (Russia), abducting American hostages for ransom and illicitly testing long-range missiles (Iran), and cracking down mercilessly on democratic dissidents (Cuba). Meanwhile, American friends and allies — Israel, Ukraine, Poland and the Czech Republic — Obama undermined or betrayed.

    For eight years the nation has been led by a president intent on lowering America’s global profile, not projecting military power, and “leading from behind.” The consequences have been stark: a Middle East awash in blood and bombs, US troops re-embroiled in Iraq and Afghanistan, aggressive dictators ascendant, human rights and democracy in retreat, rivers of refugees destabilizing nations across three continents, the rise of neo-fascism in Europe, and the erosion of US credibility to its lowest level since the Carter years.

    National unity. As a candidate for president, Obama promised to soothe America’s bitter and divisive politics, and to replace Red State/Blue State animosity with cooperation and bipartisanship. But the healer-in-chief millions of Americans voted for never showed up.

    According to Gallup, Obama became the most polarizing president in modern history. Like all presidents, he faced partisan opposition, but Obama worsened things by regularly taking the low road and disparaging his critics' motives. In his own words, his political strategy was one of ruthless escalation: “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.” During his 2012 reelection campaign, Politico reported that “Obama and his top campaign aides have engaged far more frequently in character attacks and personal insults than the Romney campaign.” And when a Republican-led Congress wouldn’t enact legislation he sought, Obama turned to his “pen and phone” strategy of governing by diktat that polarized politics even more.

    To his credit, Obama acknowledges that he didn’t live up to his promise to reduce the angry rancor of Washington politics. Had he made an effort to do so, perhaps the campaign to succeed him would not have been so mean. And perhaps 60 percent of voters would not feel that their country, after two terms of Obama’s administration, is “on the wrong track.”

    Obama’s accession in 2008 as the nation’s first elected black president was an achievement that even Republicans and conservatives could cheer. It marked a moment of hope and transformation; it genuinely did change America for the better.

    It was also the high point of Obama’s presidency. What followed, alas, was eight long years of disenchantment and incompetence. Our world today is more dangerous, our country more divided, our national mood more toxic. In a few days, Donald Trump will become the 45th president of the United States. Behold the legacy of the 44th.

    Jeff Jacoby is a columnist for The Boston Globe.
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    Typical boogeyman nonsense @tenpoundsleft . I was actually giving you the benefit of the doubt and read the article. So disappointing. You had an actual opportunity to point out his real failures as president.

    Instead you post the typical bullshit. There are so many inaccuracies and straight out lies I dont even know where to start. How convenient you dont want anyone to mention W. The person who has more responsibility for putting this country in the mess it was when obama took office.

    The only thing the article was missing is that obama is a secret jihadist from Kenya .

    Lame dude.
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    Yep, Obama is the asshole that keeps on crapping on the US.

    "Sheriff Clarke also weighed in on another controversial comment President Obama made during a recent interview with Trevor Noah when he said “We have by no means overcome the legacies of slavery and Jim Crow [laws], Colonialism and racism.”

    “How can the first black president stand up there and try to convince anybody that this country is still racist. When many Americans black, white, Hispanic and you name it went out and voted for that man and on the way out the door he kicks them right in their teeth, this guy is incredible,” Clarke said."

    10 days until January 20 - when it will finally be O-ver with this disaster. (Just wait for the asshat to try to keep pontificating and backseat-driving the country - a la Jimmy Carter, the other major jackass POTUS in recent history)

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    Couldn't help yourself, could you - it's still W's fault...

    So, how about trying to list the inaccuracies and lies? A novel concept, I know.

    Try to stick to the topic, this is about Obama - keep your other left-wing crap in the appropriate thread.

    BTW, I didn't write that piece, it's done by a guy from the Boston Globe...

    A final FYI, a lie requires intent - for example:
    * W (and all of Congress) relied on the CIA et al when they voted = not a lie
    * Obama knew that you couldn't keep your doctor or your plan = a lie
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    Obama honestly believes he was a great president and thinks that we believe it as well. He stated "most Americans think I did a pretty good job." Hes single handly decimated the democratic party and is the reason so many took a chance on Mr T instead of another 4 years of his failed policies. Good article. If you like the truth and are tired of being spoonfed bs after bs, check out Sean Hannity. Ive become a big fan. Honestly though, im tired of political arguments. We've forgotten we're all in the same boat and if it sinks, we all are to blame for not acting sooner
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    Yes, I hear Hannity on the radio every now and then - an even-keeled guy.

    It's peculiar how so many would rather be "equalitarians" - they seem to derive more satisfaction from dragging everyone down the same low level, instead of letting people succeed on their own, with different outcomes as a natural result.

    And of course why the failures of someone like Obama - blatant as they are - don't faze the lefties in the slightest, despite the most disastrous outcomes.
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    I can think of alot of things Hannity is
    Even keeled is certainly not one of them
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    Oh he most certainly is, or was, I mainly listened to him 5 or so years ago, when I had a lengthy commute. He was remarkably calm when talking to lefties with their typical emotional BS and ad hominems. These days it's more infrequently that I hear him.

    I'm less patient with all the ads on radio too, so I usually drive and enjoy a quiet car, or listen to language lesson MP3s.
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    Hannity used to be on before Oreilly. All he ever did was lead with " the democrats are doing this" "the democrats are up to that" . I cannot understand how some one who constantly makes his topics and viewership off of the democrats and how they are the antichrist can come off as even keeled

    Im an Oreilly man
    No better way to get the news
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    How much you think he settled his sexual harassment lawsuit for?
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    Probably just enough to give CNN some worthy credibility. At least they can report news in its entirety NOW :) in this one case
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    Nah, not keen on O'Reilly, he's too unprincipled, all over the place, a populist. And an asshole in person, which is less relevant, but still...

    Let's focus on Obama, shall we?
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    I could believe he is an asshole in person. Im more inclined to believe he isnt in your wheel house because he is fair and not far right. I do believe i hit that nail right on tha head
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    1. Obama made the recession worse. The economy was in decline for nearly eight years before he took office. The economy is now the best its been for nearly 12yrs.

    2. Obama is responsible for more people being on food stamps.

    3. Obama is responsible for the decline of the middleclass.

    I could go on and on. Obama has just been the latest in a long line of presidents that have favored corporate america over the middleclass.

    He has been far from perfect. If your going to criticize the guy at least be realistic about your criticism. Its not hard to find his fuck ups.

    Ill help you out.

    1) no cost controls with obamacare.
    2) renewal of the patriot act.
    3) support of nafta and tpp.
    4) still lack of meaningful financial regulations.
    5) approved more deepwater and federal land gas and oil exploration than any other president. This should bother you too because that oil doesn't stay here. Its bought on the open market by china and india.
    6) failure to support the kurds who have always been allies and currently fighting isis.

    There are just a few. You crack me up man. I agree it's pointless to blame someone who hasnt been in office for nearly a decade.

    That being said, you cant blame obama for the mess he inherited. Just try to be honest dude. Your arguments will carry alot more weight.
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    Hes still Hannity. He has pointed out faults on both sides and even stated that he was disgusted with the republicans at one point so I'd call him a guy whose able to look past labels such as republican or democrat and tell it straight. Hes a helluva lot more even keeled than O'Reilly and his guest co host Miller.
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    All this aside i cannot see how Obama and his presidency can go down in history as good

    He did give the orders to bring the mass murderer Bin Laden to justice which is cool. A big thumbs up
    Thats is the only real big positive i can see that came from his 8 yrs in office

    I do not believe Obama care can be described as a success. If that stays long term it could be favorable to his legacy. But right now clearly Obama care is a HUGE negative. Cost the democrats big time.

    Lots and lots of issues. Those are probably the most prominant ones

    My personal opinion? I do not like him
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    Obama. One of the worst and most damaging presidents ever. Just his rhetoric alone has damaged this country beyond repair. All the talk of him not needing Congress. If Congress doesn't do what he wants he'll do it without them. His remarks on race and negative remarks about the police. He did more to fan the flames of racism than to bring people together. He did more to seperate both parties in power rather than bring them together. He claimed he would be the most transparent president ever. Even the liberal media has said he was the most closed and secretive president/administration ever. Then we could get on about his fake economy recovery. I heard a top economics professor say "you wanna quick look at how the economy is doing. Look at the interest rate. That will tell you if an economy is doing well or if it's falsely propped up". Shit, how many billions did Obama waste on those shovel ready jobs HE even laughed about that weren't even there. Ending the wars in the middle east and improving our stance in the world, lmao. Obamacare will go down as one of if not the biggest failures ever put into law. That's not even up for debate. Obama was given a golden goose egg walking into this Era. When he took office things couldn't have gotten any worse. A monkey could have improved the economy that "both" parties destroyed. Yeah, don't blame bush unless you wanna get bomblasted because I know it was glass stiegal, the housing market, tax cuts, the war, wall Street and so on that all had a hand in the collapse. Not just bush. Dems probably had a bigger hand in the collapse than Republicans with glass stiegal and the housing market. I could go on and on during his 8 year reign how he fucked shit up. And now.... he's putting America's well being on the back burner so he can cock block trump. Not for America's sake but so he can destroy in any way he can trumps ability to better the country.
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    Well said

    BTW, it's deafening to see the lack of any liberal support for Obama in this thread. Even they know he sucks, they just can't fathom why reality didn't and doesn't bend to their intentions. All they can muster is the same old tired slurs and inputs they've been on about since at least 1964 and Nelson Rockefeller - listen to his grainy old speeches on YouTube, same shit that Obama, Bernie and Hillary is on about.
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    The reason there arnt more participating in the thread is because its pointless @tenpoundsleft. You just hate obama. You never give any examples of his policy or particular executive orders because you dont know of any.

    All you know is he is bad and thats good enough for you. You blame liberals and democrats of being narrow minded and devisive. All of your political threads come off being what you blame others for doing.

    Pretty hilarious.
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