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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by OhNoYo, Jun 28, 2010.

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    From what I understand you have to do well enough in a specific NPC contest to make you eligible to be in a NPC National Qualifier and if you meet the particular requirements regarding placing in that show, you obtain an IFBB Pro Card.

    However, I recently heard that there are some contests that you can compete in WITHOUT having NPC National Qualifier status where you can obtain your IFBB Pro Card if you do well enough. Is this true? If so, it would be much better to cut out the "middle man" contest and get straight to an IFBB Pro Card Qualifier contest, since it is extremely difficult both mentally and physically to get ready for bodybuilding competitions.
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    from what i know if your good enough and truly look pro sometimes you can basically be handed a pro card just cause they want you to compete - i know lee priiest was basically given a pro card after he dominated australia at only 19 years old
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    MAYO Member

    IFBB outside of the US is pretty lax. Like PS said, some athletes are just 'handed' cards. However, in the US there is an abundance of shows classed as "National Qualifiers." Anyone can enter one of these shows, there is no prerequisite. (My first show was a National Qual.) Generally, one must place in the top three of an "Open" class or take the Novice Overall to be allowed to compete in nationals. Once at nationals, only the overall winner at is extended a pro card. Exceptions have been made to offer 'exceptional athletes' pro cards that did not place first.
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    OhNoYo Member

    Thx 4 the replies! I take it 2 get an IFBB Pro Card in another country tho ud have to be a citizen for that particular country, correct?
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    i think you would have to be a citizen or have over a year visa probably
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    MAYO Member

    We gonna see OhNoYo Jones on the Olympia stage? [:eek:)]
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    billy10388 Junior Member

    I also think so.
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