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    Hey everyone, I've been meaning to make a log for a while now. I feel like it would help me stay organized during my cycles, but at the same time haven't felt like I had much to contribute. I'm still a relative newcomer to gear, my cycles have been considerably easy and I've only cycled once a year for the past four years or so.

    Last year one of my training partners and I were talking shop, and he told me about one of his first ever cycles as an athlete. He's honestly a genetically gifted person, and this cycle was one he supposedly ran during the off season when played linebacker for his college football team in the SEC. A pretty mild cycle honestly. But he claims it did great for his body composition, athletic performance, and really helped him put on size.

    Currently I'm coming off recovery from an injury that has kept me from training as regularly as I would've wanted the past few months. I'm finally at a point where I can begin to train again as normal, and I feel like a cycle now during the winter would work perfectly for me. I've kept most of my weight. Only seen some fat around the midsection (I'm unfortunately one of those people who holds extra weight in the lower belly and obliques), and my muscles have been lacking some of the fullness you'd expect after a period of not lifting.

    Bottom line, my goal for this cycle is to put on more size during the winter. But I'm also working to better body composition significantly. My cycle is modeled after what my friend told me and here's what I got:

    Week 1-12 ~
    Test Cyp 250
    @300 - 400mg/wk
    Primo E 200 @600mg/wk
    Deca 250 @300mg/wk (This is a maybe for me)

    Week 5-9 ~

    Superdrol @30mg/ED
    Metformin @500mg/each meal

    Week 10-14 ~
    Anavar + hcg + Taper off gear

    Week 15-16 ~
    HCG Blast

    Week 17-22 ~
    nolva + clomid

    adex throughout cycle
    Nolva on hand
    Letro on hand
    Caber on hand

    I have some other considerations for this cycle. For one, I'm extremely sensitive to aromatization. I would've liked to kickstart the first few weeks with dbol, but I'm keeping in mind my E2. As a matter of fact I'm going into this cycle with my nips still feeling kind of tender after some misjudgment in my last cycle. So I'm taking a moderate dosage of AI from the get go and keeping both Nolva and Letro on hand, might even opt to take Nolva regularly. I also have Caber for the Deca. My estrogen levels came back fine months ago, when my gyno scare was worse, so I'm feeling that by now I should be fine to start a new cycle. I just want to be cautious.

    My dosages are one thing I would really appreciate advice on. This would be my first time trying any 19-nor if I opt to try the Deca. Would it be worth it at 300mg? Could I see some good gains from it? Or am I better off just saving the Deca for another cycle? Especially considering my sensitivity to estrogen. I've really been wanting to give Deca a shot though and I feel like this would be a good cycle to try it. My test dose is another thing I'm trying to keep low because of aromatization, but I'm wondering if 300-400mg is too low. Just some doubts I have.

    Thanks to anyone who took the time to read. Again, any comments or advice is appreciated. This is just what I'm thinking in terms of compounds. I'll post up my nutrition and training plans soon. Just a way for me to keep organized.
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    Are you going to be drug tested for NCAA? Deca will show up up to 18 months after taken so I wouldn't do it if that is the case.
  3. You could always opt for NPP which in sense ks deca with a shorter ester. Its honestly a great compound in terms of strength and obtaining some size. All in all regardless of what compounds you choose to run as im sure your aware you had stated about body composition and that solely will be depending on nutrition. Also, just curious as to why your choosing Primo? I really dont think that compound is detrimental to your goals. I think you could honestly get where you want to be with test alone. But, if you really would like to add something to the mix you could add NPP into the mix i personally like the compound at 450mg/ wk. You could probably get great results running it at 350-400mg/ wk as well. Id definitely IMO run the test at 400mg/ wk and start the NPP weeks 4-12. Lastly i noticed you have letro on hand. You WONT need that. Thats an extremely strong AI and you can do more harm than good with that. I personally start ny AI around week 4 and use 1mg of arimidex e3d to start out and adjust from there based on bloodwork. Just my .02
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