~Ogh"s Old Geezer Tren Run....

Discussion in 'Steroid Cycle Log' started by Oregongearhead, Jun 9, 2015.

  1. Mr.B66

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    Well it looks like we all have the same experience coming off
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  2. Skull

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    It is what it is an all good things must come to an end....until next time lol.
  3. I've got several Northface caps but this green one is my favorite . I wear it too much. I'm looking at a black one on eBay.
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    Black would look great on ya :)
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  5. Melly Mel from hell

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    Ya know whats awesome OGH. When you're younger you worry about when you're going to peak and then dread the thought of continuing to lift after that and not make progress. In fact get weaker cause you've peaked and it's all down hill from there. Well guess what...we're both in our 50's and you're still getting pr's and I know I'm not getting any weaker. Limited sometimes by old injuries...yes... but still getting stronger. I don't worry about when I'll peak anymore. I have no idea when that will be. All I know is that me at 51 could kick the shit out of me at 31 and that's fucking awesome!!!!
  6. I've said the same thing here Mel - my 55 yr old self would humiliated my 35 yr old self .By a lot too. Yes we are both good examples of very fit 50 yr olds.
  7. Skull

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    See this is the kind of motivation that leads me to belive I still have time to grow. Some people I talk to are always like...O you cant get any bigger the older you get. Little do they know huh. Only because they don't want to put in the effort in order to make their body change. Thanks for the inspiration guys. Getting ready to hit the gym as we speak my fit friends;):cool:
  8. Melly Mel from hell

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    When you get older, consistency becomes the key component.
  9. Skull - you tell all the doubters about a couple guys you know named Mel and Ogh . And there's a lot more here just like us....
  10. Damn . My neighbor wanted to try a GVT style 10x10 workout . After 6 weeks of mad tren workouts squatting 350 plus lbs I thought piece of cake ; I decided to start out with 205lbs and found myself huffing & hurting in the 8th set and up .

    Goes to show you heavy weightlifting doesn't always correspond to endurance lifting. . I can hardly walk !!
  11. Mr.B66

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    This is so true. Its also why when i have one of those days when my strength just isnt there , i dont sweat it i just switch to higher more intense reps and sets and always end up having an epic workout.
    Feel like im in the growth zone.
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  12. Mr.B66

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    Oh ! And the age thing, i have 19-30 year olds come up to me in the gym all the time just to tell me they hope they can look like me now, let alone when their my age. I love the looks on their face when i tell them my age
  13. Melly Mel from hell

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    I know. You look awesome for 82.
  14. Melly Mel from hell

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    OGH...You fuckin rock. 360°of just fuckin rockin. I dig you brother. You're the goods. Thanks for the log and I'm anxiously awaiting the continuation. Keep fuckin it up.
  15. Looks like Alaska wants me back for a winter job , probably next month . And Im at my fattest in over 5 years my friends , 215lbs (I should be 180) with a 39" gut , I over-ate this cycle. And I dont even have decent tan this year , stuck in a truck . But Im also at my strongest even 10 days after tren cycle . But I gotta get my weight down/cardio right before or no health pass ....

    Im posting todays fatty pic in both my threads hopes of public humiliation/redemption....~Ogh

    photo (3).JPG
  16. gr8whitetrukker

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  17. johnnyBALLZ

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    Damn OGH, I'm not going to give it to you lightly. You gotta get rid of that.. Only saying this out loud because I know you'd say it to me, I hope at least.

    Shocking though right after a tren cycle.. I slowly lose fat on tren, impossible for me to put any on.. Even with a McDonald's diet!!
  18. Thanks JB, I know I started losing weight on the tren then I went the other way , and after the cycle 10 days ago , damn all weight stuck ....
  19. gr8whitetrukker

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    It's just the gut

    Your arms look HUGE

    Time to breakout the Hawaiian shirts
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  20. jaymaximus

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    Gotta give props to you for showing the pic OGH. Lots of people (me included) mightve tried to hide it. Youve been at this long enough to know what you need to do. Its not the cardio, or weights, starts in the kitchen. And im in for the OGH cutting log.
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