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  1. raped ape

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    What are you guys using to transfer your finished oil into your vials? I was looking at a scilogex dispensmate pump

    or a manual glass pipette

    also how many of you are using flow hoods?
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    Okay so not many of us are using flow hoods I'm sure but I think there was a topic written on this where people posted links of what the to used or thought would be best. It's in the home brew section here somewhere.
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    Glass Pipettes + pipette pumps work fine


    Way more accurate, easier to use and not much more expensive than traditional pipette bulbs

    You can either get a new, factory-sterile glass pipette every day, or bake it for sterility. Wipe the pump with some alcohol every day too.

    A simple plastic bag can work as fine as a flow hood with way less expense and hassle cleaning (just wipe it with some alcohol)
    add some wire frame so it holds shape.
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    Hated those red bulbs. They take some getting used to! Have to be careful not to create too much vacuum and suck a bunch up into the bulb. Very very sight pressure gets the oil moving.
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  5. master.on

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    That's why pipette pumps are better and not expensive these days.
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  6. daylight driller

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    I would filter into a sterile media bottle, or if using a buchned filter pour into sterile media bottle and use a septa cap. Most media bottles I have seen have been gl-45 but just make sure to get the lid if you do it like this. (Sterile pipette and pump look faster fhan this though)
  7. Samael

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    this might give you an idea
    Either buy 10ml sterile pipette or non sterile and sterilize it yourself.
    Then this pipette pump which is whole lot better then that fucking baloon crap:-D
    Quite inexpensive and re-usable, enjoy.

    if you want something more fancy and more expensive and more quick:
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  9. raped ape

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    I ended up getting a serologic Pippette w/ a ton of sterile 10 ml glass attachments, I wanted to splurge for the bottle top dispenser but it was not able to withstand dry heat sterilization and I do not have an autoclave,