Ok lets see your ladies!!!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jayb, Feb 13, 2015.

  1. jayb

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    Stole this idea from evo, but lets keep it to "your" women not just random chicks you find pics of.
    I will start it out,
  2. jayb

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    Trying to load another one but its says file to big how do you downsize the pixels?
  3. I would but the only pictures I have of my GF is of her giving me head....

    Maybe if I cross my Penis off of the pictures?

    Or If you guys don't mind looking at it I can just post them as is.
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    Lol. You wish!
  6. Walker

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    i was thinking the same thing...keep dreaming broski!

  7. johnnyBALLZ

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    Easy guys, I know DTdr2 is a pimp.. This however is an extreme case and I'm going to have to see a pic with "DTdr2" written in black marker on that ass!! :) haha
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    +please+_797e3d2f2c4021298826bc2efb2c5279.jpg Mine, all mine.
  10. DTdr2

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    How in the hell are you going to prove that?
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    There was a dude here for a while that was supposed to be married to Grayanne Barbosa, I always had my doubts but there was that chance.
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    Thank you, Tango thought I was going to be the only damn one to post a pic. And wow for a skinny girl she has a great hind quarters.
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    Lets see if we cant keep this going. jess1.JPG
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  15. They alright. Each comes with their very own special skill set and hidden talents ;)

    I'm an ass guy but they say variety is the spice of life so I try to be well rounded....
  16. jayb

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    Ya I cant post those photos I would find divorce papers the next day, lol.
    But ya I am an ass man too, but I aint afraid of nice rack thats for sure.
  17. jayb

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    Maybe some gym photos to mix it up 1215141501.jpg
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  18. Youve got a keeper Jay - she"s show and go . As much as I love my ol lady she just dont take to the iron.....:(

    PS - nice rear delts !
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