Ok to mix hcg and melanotan?

Discussion in 'Human Growth Hormone and Peptides' started by Evom1, Jul 1, 2018.

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    So I made a mistake due to sheer carelessness and want to make sure I didn't ruin my hcg. I had 3 vials in my fridge, 2x hcg and 1x melanotan 2. The melanotan and one of the hcg were almost done, so I drew what I thought was the remainder of hcg #1(actually melanotan) and then used the same syringe to draw the rest of my dose from hcg#2

    I know when I pushed the extra air back into hcg#2 I'm sure I got some melanotan in there. Do you think it will damage the hcg or is it OK? I did inject the mixture that day, not knowing it was hcg+melanotan and only realized today when I went to grab my melanotan and realized the mistake I made.

    Totally just a dumb mistake on my part. Same company so the labels look very similar and I just looked to quickly.
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    I do hcg and ghrp-6 in the same syringe all the time.

    They’re just chains of linked aminos. They’re not “active.” I would assume storage would be fine, however, I’m not positive on that.

    I also recycle my old vials of ghrp-6 to reconstitute my hcg that come in ampules. So there’s always a little ghrp-6 residue in there that mixes in with the hcg. Been doing this for over a year and no issues.