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    Hello everyone - This is my first post. Lurked and read for a while before signing up and posting. I'm on my first cycle of Anavar 10 mg/day. Tomorrow will make 4 weeks I've been on it. I've noticed some nice, subtle changes, but no leap in strength or very noticeable changes. I've had no sides except for oily skin and a few blemishes. At 48 I'm not sure how I feel about that :) Oh,I will add, that I seem a little bloated as well...and I've just spilled the beans that I'm ancient. So anavar I have is in 10 mg capsules and I'm toying with the idea of taking 20 mg/day instead of the 10mg. Currently taking just the one capsule 1x/day. Hoping to capture more results at a higher dose. Is dosing affected by age?

    I've been lifting about a year and a half. Work out 5x/week. Two leg days - One ham/posterior chain and the other quad day, One Chest, Shoulder/Arm, and Back day.

    I eat pretty clean - pescatarian diet 145 g P, 165 C, 45 F...although honestly I'm just really making sure I hit my protein. I'm coming off a bulk and trying to lean out at bit and calories total have been about 1300-1400/day.

    My stats include
    Age 48 (49 in 2 weeks gahhh)
    Height 5'1''
    Weight ? I have a thing about this. Like most women I spent half my adult life trying to get back to my birth weight. Last I weight I was 118 - up 3 lbs from my 'normal' 115 and I freaked out and my trainer told me to stop with the scale.

    Usually I try to superset with ab or butt exercises on most days...I also frequently use negatives and pauses. It's sort of tedious to write out and I won't do it every set or every work out. It depends how strong/energetic I am. Like most everyone else I work full time during the day and get up really early for work.

    Right now my workouts look like:
    Leg Day 1:
    3 sets warm up
    4x10-12 165
    burnout at the end with just the bar 20 full reps then 15 at the bottom and 15 at the top
    Front Squat
    1 set warm up
    4 x110
    Burn these out too
    1 set warm up
    3 x110
    Burn these out too

    Leg extension
    1-2 warm up sets
    4 x10-12 90-100 lbs

    Smith Machine Hack Squats
    4 x10 100 lb

    Chest Day
    ok, I warm up every exercise
    40 reps at 120- sets = however many it takes
    DB Flat Bench
    4 x10 50 lbs
    Incline Bench
    4 x10 35-40 lbs
    Decline Bench
    4 x10 95 lbs
    Incline Hammer Press
    3 x (I forgot the weight)

    Leg Day 2
    Sumo Dead lifts
    3-4 x 10 155
    5 sets pyramiding up to 95 lbs for 4 sets
    Seated Hamstring Curl
    4 x 10 90lbs
    Single Leg RDL with 25 lb DBs
    3-4 x 20 each leg
    Kettle Ball Swings (Look! I crossfit!)
    5 x20 with 35 lb Kettleball
    Hip Thruster
    3 x135 lbs

    Arm Day
    Standing DB military press
    6 x6 35 lb
    Lat Raise Hold
    Pyramid up to as many reps as I can hold in seconds. Usually top out at 6 reps at 15 lbs
    Wide Grip Upright Row
    4 x8 65 lbs
    Reverse Pec Deck
    4 x (can't remember weight)
    DB curls
    4x6x30 lb
    Hammer Curl
    4x10 25
    Tricep PD
    4x10 80-90
    Skull Crusher
    4x10 20-25 lb

    Back Day
    4x10 155-165
    bent over db row
    4x10-12 40 lb
    Seated Row
    4x10 60
    Lat Pulldown
    4x10 70
    Back Extension
    4x12 weighted 10 lb plate

    Was this too much? I feel like I went all Wendy-centric. :)
  2. Just a couple more questions...
    -What's your view on a younger stud with modest physical assets but rich in personality?

    jk. Welcome to Meso.
    the others will be along shortly ;)
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    LOL I would say my sign is "Caution! Slow Children"
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    Hi! Welcome another lady to the family! Wow, all the girls are running var now... all first timers too... sooo awesome and good to see!!!

    And to answer your dosing question... yes you may go up to 20mg/day with var as long as you aren't getting an undesirable sides.

    Age matters to a point, but not as much with var... it does open up a window of trying different compounds though so you can play with more... DIET is actually more important with age and with women - it's the carbs... I know, I say this every time but our metabolism changes so much and we don't handle carbs the same as we did in our 20's or even early 30's... it's a downhill slope from there. lol
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    Welcome to meso. Like your intro. Some of those weights are heavier than I see males at my gym messing with, well done.
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    I beat you here ;) just sayin... hehehe
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    I do so miss carbs......
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    haha yes, but you still get a good amount in...
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    Yeah well my post was more helpful as usual...:p
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  10. sooooo....you're saying there's a chance?
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    but.... you didn't tag me :p

    hehehehehehe yes love your observations!
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    I swear to god if you guys throw a frisbee on my thread it's mine now....
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    @Best Steroids you're such a clown. If you have nothing relevant to say on this thread, please leave. Stick to your own.
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    Tell that to the informer TEK
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    Please leave this thread if you aren't contributing... if you have an issue with TEK, battle it out in your own thread, not here where a new person posted and now sees how immature some 'kids/boys' are here... definitely a good way to build your reputation.
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    Welcome... Nice intro
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    I am too on my first var cycle. Finishing my 3rd week.
    There's been a high influx of female members, it's awesome!
    Welcome to the fam :)
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