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    Put this one in your training encyclopedia: The pullover press. This exercise works a lot of muscles at once and is not a low intensity exercise, meaning you can use a helluva big load. It works your lats, chest, and triceps. When I do this, my chest and tris feel like there going to explode. It’s like cumming. Just kidding. This is not some new age, touchy feely “balance yoga” crap either. This is actually from some very old schoolers I’ve had the pleasure of training with. You know, the guys who wore corduroy OP shorts listening to early Van Halen (running with the devil) and dreamed of driving a toner grey camero. You know who you are.

    Enough of that, here it is: Lie down on bench like you would for lying french press (skull crushers). Use an olympic bar. Get a closer than shoulder width grip, but not ultra close. Press from chest like a close grip bench press, lower to chest, push over head for good stretch in lats, tris, and chest with bent arms (don't strain your elbows--bend 'em, this aint your grandma's pullover), pullover and take down to chest, press, push over, pullover, press, push over, pullover, press. You get the idea.

    The reason you’ll feel this so damn much in your tris is that your tris actually assist your lats in this type of pullover motion (or rows or chins for that matter). This is a little known fact. When you combine these actions you get an incredible workout. Same is true for chest. This type of stretching, pulling and pushing has an incredible synergistic effect.

    Personally, I use this as a heavy, high intensity exercise. It’s not as high intensity as just close grip, but it is great for when you are in an 8-10 rep range period of your training schedule.

    Soon, I’ll post the CURL PRESS. Another old compound almost lost.