Oldest Female Bodybuilder

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by lordsgym07, Dec 3, 2007.

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    role model

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    solo47 Well-Known Member

    "Age is only a number," says Brown. "There is only one Morjorie Newlin. ... She could do this for as long as she keeps popping anavar and shooting primo and HGH."

    Methinks they're leaving something important out of the story.

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    advanced-stealth Junior Member

    LOL. I agree with you, something is missing.

    She looks good though.
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    mr.nitro Member

    thats proof you don't have to whither away as you get older. I applaud her . at 86 she looks great.
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    No1Uknow Junior Member

    I'd hit it.
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    dennis Member

    You will have to get up earlier than this to fool me......;)
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    novicebb Member

    First of all if she is taken something to get where she is then what does that have to do with it? I could make as many arguments that she isn't take male androgens as people could make that she is. The point is that we always state that you can't have a great body on AAS without hardwork, training and diet.

    Even with AAS how many women do you think could look like her at freaking 86 years old? Shoot how many women could start bodybuilding at 72? How many men could look like that at 86? And yeah the report left out that she has been training for 14 years. There are people on this board that haven't trained that long. I haven't trainded that long.

    More power to her.
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    Reinheart Active Member

    I really hope this is a joke... :eek:
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    eleven11 Member

    God bless her, she looks great...................11
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    novicebb Member

    Ha ha. Man that is funny. Not because you said it but I was thinking the same thing for a quick second before I came to my senses.[:eek:)]
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    No1Uknow Junior Member

    Yeah, I was just kidding around.

    Matter of fact, MOST of the female bb's I see aren't all that hot IMO. At least not the ones that have square jaws like China Doll.

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