On cycle vs off cycle cut.


Last year, I ran a bulk cycle in the winter(195-215lbs) consisted of test @ 600, 4 week dbol @50mg.
Results were great as expected.
Summer time I did a cut (208-187lbs)
Test@200, tren@500. Got stronger and leaner, but no gains in muscle size obviously.

My question is, who has experience with cutting on cycle vs cutting between cycles.

Off cycle cutting: do you u run and albuterol?, clen?, dnp?
Does it help preserve muscle in any way? Or does it only speed up weightloss?

I am wondering if I can achieve more lbs of muscle gained per year by bulking while on and cutting while off.
Or if doing a bulk, then maintaining that weight for 4-5 months and then cutting while on would yield more lean mass

Or is it the ol 12 vs a dozen concept and all just personal preference

Diet and training are great and I know that is 90% of a successful cut or bulk. Just wanted to make that clear. I am only asking these questions to gain knowledge and possibly improve/ maximize possible gains


For me its logical to cut on cycle since it keeps you anabolic,
Also the aas will add some muscle regardless,
If youd bulk oncycle and go on a caloric deficit afterwards, youre set to lose anything youve gained.
If u cut oncycle and up calories offcycle, you keep more gains obviously.
And if u cycle off and on, you will gain when on regardless if youre bulking or cutting, especially when tren is used


I had pretty good results from cutting with HGH when I went off gear. It really helped preserve muscle for me from what I remember. Not really the same as using AAS during a cut but I think GH will be pretty useful until a certain point.

Clen, Albuterol, etc don't really maintain mass when you're in a deficit.


Awesome imput guys. Thank you for your replies. Sounds like I'll keep to what I'm doing currently. Tren treats me very well so I'll probably stick to it for cutting and bulk cycles

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