On TRT, Impotent 85% of the Time

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    Here are my numbers, i am already on daily small injections of cypionate, I experience wild fluctuations in sex drive and erections to at times being great for a couple weeks to total impotence for weeks on end without changing anything in my regimen, i have tried AI and hcg, nothing seems to make any difference, if anything makes things worse… at times i go from good sex drive and erection quality to terrible seemingly literally overnight… is there anything else i should potentially test? Thanks

    Total testosterone - 687
    Free Testosterone - 19.1
    SHBG - 23
    Estradiol Sensitive - 37
    DHEA S - 254.1 (range 138-475)
    Progesterone - 0.4 (range 0.0-0.5)
    prolactin - 8.1 (range 4-15.2)
    DHT - 50 (range 30-85)

    Other tests like Thyroid TSH, Free t3 normal, no diabetes
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    1-Is ur test from a reputable supplier or pharma
    2-how much are u taking daily
    3- is ur ai pharma some could be dosed improperly an lead to problems if not the test could gave Ben lucky timing an doesnt reflect that
    4-when u gt tested were u having the issues or was it a good point

    @Mac11wildcat @Eman his bloods don't look horrible imo an daily injects are as stable as possible any ideas
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    Your labwork looks good, many factors concerning ED. Get some cialis or viagra and why cyp daily? Just taje it once week.
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    I get my test from the top reccomended supplier on this site, Pharmacom labs.. I am taking 6mg of 250cypionate daily totalling about 115mg per week. my AI is from alldaychemist, but i have bloods to back up it works

    I have tested my total testosterone, free testosterone, SHBG, and E2 while feeling good and bad.. the numbers looked virtually identical either way
  5. audiognostic

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    I have to take daily because I am prone to low SHBG, if i take less than every other day, my SHBG goes to like zero.. with daily injections i have managed to keep my SHBG consistent about 22-23 which is not terrible and many people do well with those numbers

    when i am doing bad even viagra and cialis max does doesnt help , my dick feels like its got numbing spray on it and nothing helps
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    I dobt thunk test is the answer, time to talk to your doc.
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    Could be in your head if your only 29.
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    definitely not in my head, for one i dont get morning wood ever.. this is a surefire sign something is physically wrong.. also, i feel great for a week sometimes a few then randomly everything goes to shit
  9. Unlikely that libido issues are due to some physical problem but go to the dr to rule out any problems. Libido is highly influenced by your mental state vs sex hormones. If you’re depressed, anxious, nervous, stressed etc all these can hurt libido. How long and how much hcg did you try? If you got the hCG from the same lab I’d recommend getting actual pharmaceutical grade, and if highly recommend getting Ovitrelle, which is rhCG.

    Tbh I’ve discontinued trt at 100mg/wk, it’s been 11.5 days since my last shot and since I’m doing an extended pct, (like several months of low dose clomid eventually) I went ahead and started clomid early, well actually I started taking it a week before i decided to stop trt, was taking it for fertility, anyway so far my libido and morning wood is better than it was doing regular trt shots (knocks on wood), kinda feels like I’m on a bunch of roids with a more natty feel
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    I tend to agree with what’s said above.

    I doubt it’s the test. This issue comes up very often and we see guys come back a week later with “its all fixed!”

    The fact that you see wild fluctuations without any change in your protocol is what makes us all think it’s mental/environment based.
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    I'm not big on posting in these threads. More often than not, a psychiatrist is needed instead of an endocrinologist... Much less a bunch of AAS users on the internet.
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    I didnt even think about that if hes in a fucked up state of mind of course that would be the answer but u guys are right alot of these threads end up being some one who overthinks things a n its all a mental game with them its like nervje all over again
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    It's called stress.

    You'd be surprised what a rotten day or a fight with your lady will do to your mental state and sex drive
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    You came here and advice. Take it or leave it man. Just don’t do anything drastic.
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    I’m confused 6 mgs daily ... yet you say 115 mgs a week ?? What am I missing
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    6 mg×7 days=someone fucked up some were

    An if that's actually what ur taking that's the problem u are using 42mg weekly an shut urself down
  18. Eman

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    When I read it, I assumed he had a typo and meant 16mg daily... But that is a good catch all the same.

    I don't think daily injections of cyp make a ton of sense for TRT... Although I've never been that sensitive to fluctuations. I've often wondered if other people actually are or just think that they are.
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    I take my cyp once every two weeks on cruise and have zero issues, according to my blood work my test is around 750. Plenty for cruising
  20. Burrr

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    Are you fat?
    Blood pressure?
    On antidepressant?
    Sex partner attractive to you?

    Have you ever taken tren?
    Eaten ass?
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