One year transformation on anabolics, HGH and Insulin + current cycle log

Discussion in 'Steroid Cycle Log' started by ripgh15, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. ripgh15

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    Alright guys just wanted to show some size gains from consistently staying on anabolics and growth hormone.

    I constently stay on test obviously and switch from NPP and tren as my main mass builders. I am pretty much always on EQ also but i took it out for only 2-3 months then was back on it.

    I am always on atleast 4iu of growth hormone no matter what. I went up to 10iu of GH per day for 2 months straight last year with the addition of insulin pre and post workout. (humalog). Also trained twice per day during these two months on most days

    i noticed i got really fucking vieny mostly in my forearms/arms and forearms came up TReMEDOUSLY


    After 6 months:

    AFTER 1 year

    Side by side:

    My current back shot and crab shot are decent but i don't have any comparisons.


    won't show my legs just yet tho, haaaaaaa

    current stats are 5'7" 205lb 10% BF (measured 2 days ago)

    Current Cycle:
    500 test/wk
    750 EQ/wk
    700 tren A/wk
    700 DHB /wk
    4iu HGH
    75mg Proviron
    50mg Anavar

    Stay tuned for more GAINS lol
  2. Damn good transformation. Look solid. Keep it up. Look forward to seeing future progress...
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  3. RandallNowan

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    Solid work, mate.

    What's the diet and training look like?
  4. master.on

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    Do you still make cycles, do you cruise?
    What's your age, I must have missed that?

    You should have gotten more pics to get sponsorship from a supplement brand
  5. ripgh15

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    Thanks. You too bro keep it up, no breaks haha.

    5 whole egg, 60g carbs oats , bannana, white toast
    Meal3- 8-10 oz chicken, 50g carb white rice
    Meal4- bar
    Meal5- 3whole eggs 30g carbs oats
    Meal6- 50g whey protein and applesauce, white toast with jelly(post workout)
    Meal 7- 8oz steak 50g white rice
    meal 8- bar

    (this is my diet to maintain my current 10% BF) when i was using heavy insulin my diet was a little different

    I pretty much gained most of my size the last 8 months doing straight sets usually 15-20 sets per muscle. Just the usual bro split. When i was on GH blast though my training was wayy different and hella insulin i used milos type of training along with straight sets in the beggining of the workout. Also trained twice per day .Low rest times 1 minute for straight sets. And milos style training is no rest, giant sets, super sets, drop sets.
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  6. ripgh15

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    I am almost 24 yr old, and i haven’t cruised yet. I am guilty, i need to soon.

    Haha that would be nice, i could probably dig up more pics. :D
  7. Dr JIM

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    Fella based upon your Olympic dosages, I'd suggest you save your urine for recycling,, open a pharmacy (or UGL), and resale the metabolites as "anabolic supplements".
  8. GymRat88

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    What's the cost of your cycle for the one year? Just curious? Sounds like a Boston Lloyd transformation, good work.
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  9. ripgh15

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    LMFAO DR JIM comin through with some solid jokes! thanks for the laugh bro

    well mostly it’s the HGH cost for the period of time where i was blasting it that got me.

    But I homebrew everything now as far as anabolics and orals go so it’s really not that bad tbh.
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  10. Dr JIM

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    Care to elaborate on the insulin dosage?
    Seriously fella thats A LOT of PEDs (steroids, HGH, skin) and the risk, esp in the long term is considerable and undeniable.

    To that end I can only hope you have obtained COMPREHENSIVE LABS
    and can realistically forsee a pot of gold at the end of your "transformation".
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  11. ripgh15

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    I’m not argueing with you on the health concerns there, and i know there is a concern. I could have lied like half these other dudes and said i took 250 test and 250 tren and obtained this, but i’m not going to mislead people like that. I have bloodwork before, at 3 months, and at about 7 month mark. I need to go in again for labs very soon.

    Insulin I used 10 units before training and 10 units after training. If i was training twice per day I would do another 10 pre and post. So 40 units maximum per day. (Humalog)

    It has been a few months since i stopped the insulin though, and i don’t have any blood glucose issues.
  12. Dr JIM

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    The effect at such low dosages is of questionable benefit anyway.

    To that end I'd suggest you have an analytical lab perform an quantitative assay on the GH your running bc hyperglycemia can become an problem at such high dosages.

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  13. Dr JIM

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    No problem it's YOUR DECISION, but when I see folk running such high dosages, I feel compelled to ensure they are at least familiar with the risk.

    And while it's true some understand the risk, IME many do NOT, or perhaps dont want to know.

    More importantly it's the "glamorization" of high dose PEDs I find troubling since Meso in many respects, has become a haven for young and impressionable kids who are "exploring" the use of PEDs as a SUBSTITUTE for diet and exercise.

  14. ripgh15

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    That is very true, and to some degree my post does glamorize higher dosages, but not on purpose. Only because I want to be truthful to the community here. I do agree with you that many will lack diet and training and make up for it with drugs.

    I appreciate your words as you always speak the truth,
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  15. GymRat88

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    @ripgh15...right on man that's the way to do it. Well good job and I'll keep watching your updates for sure
  16. Eman

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    It doesn't sound like you're really coming off, which I suggest you do come back to a normal cruise dose as it'll help you in the long run. Aside from that though, if you're going to continue on this path, I sincerely hope you'll get frequent labs and be very proactive with other health items. I admire your honesty because I think that's the core of why you posted, just to show what you did and what happened, but I know what's going to happen if you aren't extremely vigilant with your health.

    Good job, don't forget to back off the dosages for a while here and there.
  17. ripgh15

    ripgh15 Member

    Thank you i appreciate the kind words.

    Now that I've attained a level of size that I want, cruising wouldn't be too bad. Just stay on 200 test /wk and 4iu gh and continue to train hard and eat right. thanks for the input
  18. @ripgh15

    Hey bro! That's a fucking awesome transformation, and id be proud of that physique if I where you.

    I think you would be well served to cruise on test and diet down low now.
    You've got considerable mass, and are on your way certainly to a stage worthy physique.

    You should be concerned for your longevity. You may go far, but you have got to give your body a break. Not only will that make yourself respond better to cycle doses, but it will also allow you to lower blood pressure, RBC, HCT, and give your heart and vital organs a break.

    I know you are steadily making progress and are happy. But to what avail will you realize it's time for a break? You gains I'm sure you've noticed by now aren't what they once where, I'm sure your myostatin levels are peaked.

    I guarantee you'd make the same gains on half those doses after a 12-16 weeks cruise on test 200.

    Not to mention, health issues are heading your way. It's not if, it's when... So, When will you develop an irregular heartbeat? My guess is you already have.

    Even if you have not, realize the way you're going you're asking for trouble.
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  19. Dr JIM

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    Yep and in the absence of before and after leg pics one can only wonder if diet and exercise alone wouldn’t have achieved similar results.

    Fact is my computer was unable to download the pics that I can now see on my iPhone and this
    “transformation” is much less than what I expected.

    And in many ways that’s a compliment bc I sort of anticipated before PICs to be those of some overweight “slob” with a half eaten donut hanging out his mouth, but instead see a fella with a really solid genetic foundation and potential as a BB

    My point has already been made by @Bleeding heart

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  20. ripgh15

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    I honestly think i’m misleading everyone MORE by being HONEST with what i took, because now people that don’t understand are just going to think “high dosages is the answer”. Now i get why people lie. It probably would have been for the better of the community to lie , but in my mind i wanted to let those know who actually understand.

    I want to be clear here:

    My life for the past year to year and a half has been nothing but bodybuilding. I am fortunate to have a lifestyle that i am at home alot eating 6-8 times per day, resting, recovering, sleeping. Picture the camel crew in kuwait. Ofcourse i had more resposibilities that just that but thats how i picture my lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong dosages have a part, but I had EVERY single thing on point aside from the suppliments. No going out, no partying, no fucking BS. I made it my entire life dedicated to eating, sleeping, and training, and still do. People will still read right over this, but hopefully someone will take something from it,