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    Hello guys,
    First of all - sorry for my english. I will do my best to make it better :)

    So, my name is Alex and I want present our brand here: OneQ.
    May be some of you already know us and used our product. We are presented more than 2 years on Eroids (click here to visit our thread) You can find here some tests and feedbacks

    Our company based in Russia and have full production cycle in this country. We are not resellers - we produce this product and sell directly. At this moment we produce only HGH in 2 forms: premixed and powder. Also we develop now "long" version of HGH - somalong (may be you know Jintrolong - same thing)
    And I hope to run this product in November-December

    Our products:

    OneQ Blue - premixed HGH 2 vials, 5ml each. 1 kit contains 30mg of HGH (90iu)
    OneQ White - lyophilisate form 5 vial 3mg (45iu)
    Purification rate same for both products:
    RP-HPLC (EP 8.0) > 94%
    SEC-HPLC (EP 8.0) > 96 %
    Endotoxin level: <4 iu/mg
    Host-cell-derived protein residues < 90 ppm/mg

    Storage conditions:
    White - 2 years at 2-40°C (35-104°F) Shock temp. >43°C (110°F) and <51°C (125°F) ~10-20 days. Better to store in the fridge
    Blue - 2 years at 2-8°C (35-46°F) ~30 days with max temp 35°C (95°F) Shock temp. >43°C (110°F) and <51°C (125°F) ~2-5 days

    Contact us:

    Shipping options:
    EMS (50$, free for over $300, signature is required on delivery. ETA ~10 days)
    Standard Shipping (30$, free for over $300, signature is not required on delivery. ETA ~15 days)
    EU domestic (50$, no free shipping, ETA ~3-5 days within EU zone)

    WU (for orders 300$+)
    MG (for orders 300$+)

    Current prices:
    OneQ Blue - 120$
    OneQ white - 60$

    Promo for Meso:
    Code: MESO10 - 10% off for your order or code: MESO30 - 30$ off for your order
    Just choose what will be the best for you :)

    And ofc picture of the part of our stock (second part not yet packed or already packed in stealth boxes)
    Picture from the lab I will upload later (I think next week, we change layout now)
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    First muthafuckas

    And we need to see lab testing otherwise we assume it’s garbage
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    And ofc about HPLC.

    Here is our internal HPLC for current batch:
    RP - 3,14% it means that this batch contains 3.14% of similar proteins
    SEC - 0,34% it means that this batch contains 0.34% of dimers and aggregates (not shown on this graph)
    Concentration - 3,32mg (or 100iu Blue kit / 50iu White kit)

    Here is short explanation of HPLC:
    Purity: RP-HPLC (EP 8.0) should be> 94% -> the content of similar proteins with less biological activity than GH, in acc.with Pharmacopoeia concentration of similar proteins should be less than 6%.

    Dimers and aggregates: SEC-HPLC (EP 8.0) should be> 96% -> High molecular weight admixtures of somatotropin and products of its physical degradation.
    It characterizes the immunogenicity of the drug and ability to induce an immune response. The more concentration - the stronger immune response neutralizing growth hormone, in acc.with Pharmacopoeia concentration of dims/aggs should be less than 4%.

    Concentration of HGH -> I think not need to explain

    One more important characteristic is a Endotoxins (not shown in this report) - molecular components of membranes of microorganisms, which have a toxic effect on the mammalian organism. Endotoxins can provoke chronic hyperactivation of the immune system and lead to critical consequences for the whole organism. In acc.with Pharmacopoeia concentration should be less than 5 UI/mg.

    Also, forgot about it:
    “3D” model of HGH (or peptide map) -> showed actual model of HGH in three-dimensional space (rotations, angles, geometry). Must coincide with the natural form (as accurately as possible). In the opposite case -> GH in your blood after injection will be raised but not worked
    On the graphics: left side you can see structure of hormone which is stored in Belgium and is a benchmark for manufacturers, right side our product

    Also I found old report for our product from Jano:

    And I will be happy if someone who buy our prodcut will send 1 sample to some laboratory to make HPLC (at our charge ofc)
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    Bloods you can find on Eroids
    HPLC I already posted but this is our internal HPLC and you have no reason to trust us

    That's why I'm really want someone to send sample to some laboratory (may be Jano or Lab4tox- I know only these 2). Because If I will do that - again you have no reason to trust in this

    But we can can send, for example 5 kits blue and 5x2 kits white to 10 different users for free to make blood test on our product
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    Do some homework and come back
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    Yes I know
    This is not the best way and I'm personally don't want to work like this
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    Ok, what i can comment for now is that the prices are decent, but i want to see tests as well
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    Free products or a no go on meso. The testing must be done on a randomly purchased item by a known member in order to carry any credibility
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    My suggestion would be to keep a “”too good to be true” sale running until a few kits are bought and independently tested
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    That's what I'm really want

    That's the point

    For first 20 orders:
    Price for Blue - 80$
    Price for White - 40$
    (Only international store, sorry)

    Who want to be in - write me by email with some code word and confirm in PM same word to identify that you are Meso user
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    So we have @opti at 99%. Why would anyone go with you? What makes you better?
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    Russia? The only thing I trust from Russia is missiles and mail order brides.

    And let’s talk about eroids for a minute. That site should be called hemorrhoids because no matter how bad you wanna get rid of it, they never go away.
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    Eroids is horrible. I used to look at it when I knew nothing. Horrible place to look. Right @puckhog?
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    And Russia brides? Hmmm they prob cut dicks off.
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    Some dudes are into some weird stuff?!?

    Yea, eroids is like dollar general. You really try not to go there unless you have no other options. And when you do end up going you realize there stuff is super cheap quality.
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    And the sources on there pay like on BOP. So pretty much scammer sources right? @puckhog
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    I really don’t know if they pay, but I know if you leave negative reviews you will get banned quickly.
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    I’ve left a few negative reviews back in the day. Haven’t look if I’m banned. They prob deleted them I bet.
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    I don't know about opti anything and don't know if they better
    Our standard also 99%+ for dimers and 96%+ for related proteins
    Also we produce by technology based on the Lactococcus lactis strain. Benefits?
    Producer Lactobacillus – high-level safety with respect to man, non-toxic, unlike e.coli
    Active protein is synthesized in correct three-dimensional form – with high biological activity
    And we have premixed HGH which is much more easy to use (not need to mix with water)
    + we will start soo long HGH you need to inject only once per 5 days

    Ofc its up to you what you will use but at least you can try and compare what is better to you

    And vodka :)
    It's very hard to get approval for Meso. I tried at the begging but we was completely new to this market and I failed, now we are here
    Eroids it's just a forum, I don't know specific I just work there
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    Can you provide direct links to bloodwork on eriods but link it as code instead of a live link? I've seen some good and bad feedback on eriods so I think there may be a chance for real feedback. Searching eriods is horrible.
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